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Sir Gawain and The Loathly Lady

No description

Dilraj Mukkar

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Sir Gawain and The Loathly Lady

Plot Outline
The type of conflict presented in this story is
Internal Conflict.

The kinds of conflict presented in this story are;

Classical (Man vs Circumstances)
; The leading characters Sir Gawain and King Arthur were struggling against fate and circumstances of life facing them. King Arthur, being that he was challenged to answer a riddle in order to save his life, and Sir Gawain having to marry the most hideous looking woman known to them.

Psychological (Man vs Himself);
Sir Gawain struggles trying to balance his own dignity along with his sire's dignity. He's aware of his King's honour being at stake, but has to suffer a great ordeal in order to please the king.

The setting in the story was constantly changing, however the story took place in medieval times with knights, vikings, and a Monarchy government featuring a King and Queen.
Overall the story was fairytale-like and was mainly seen through out the day. The mood was mainly curious, frustrating and somewhat dark; however the mood became radiant after the Loathly Lady was released from her spell
Thank you!
Brief Synopsis

Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady
is a short story written by Selena Hastings. The story begins with one of King Arthur's mishaps. He meets a Dark Black Knight that threatens him unless he can solve his riddle; what is it that women desire the most? After asking numerous royal ladies and the wives of his loyal Knights of the Round Table, every woman gives him a different answers. Some say power, money, beauty, a young husband, but no one seems to agree on a certain response. Finally King Arthur comes across a horrid-beastly looking lady and she concludes the question with "what women desire the most is to have their own way". In return for her rejoinder, King Arthur must suffer a great penalty ; get one of his Knights of the Round Table to marry the hideous hag. Sir Gawain, his most trusted knight agrees to pay the price in order to honour his King on keeping his word. On the night of their wedding, Sir Gawain discovers that by marrying the Loathly Lady he has half-released her from a spell that was causing her appearance to look outrageously frightful. So now, only for half the day, can she return back to her beautiful self with her long blond hair and gorgeous eyes. The only way he can break the rest of it is to give her what women desire the most; her own way.
Literary Devices
- The elements or ideas that were constantly presented through the text such as; "Dark Black Knight" "High King of Britain" "Loathly Lady" "Loyal Knight, Sir Gawain" "Evil Wicked Spell"

- There is constant foreshadowing before every event in the text. For example
"he was in an unfamiliar part of the forest, on the edge of a black pond surrounded by pine trees whose dark foliage obscured the light of the day"
. This quote is foreshadowing using King Arthur's surroundings to infer that something bad is about to happen. In this part of the text, the Black Knight was about to show up.

- A quote from the book
"She was the ugliest living thing he had ever set eyes on, a freak, a monster, a truly Loathly Lady. Her nose was a pig's snout; from a misshapen mouth stuck out two yellowing rows of horse's teeth. Her scalp hung a few lank strand of hair. Her whole body was swollen and bent out of shape and her fingers in which were several fine rigns were as gnarled and twisted as the roots of an old oak"
. This part of the text shows imagery because it awaken's the readers sights by describing each and every feature horrendous feature of the Loathly Lady in an exceptional manner.

Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady
written by Selena Hastings
The Main Characters were King Arthur, Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady.

- The Protagonist is very obviously Sir Gawain. He gave up his dignity so the King would be be re-stored his honour for keeping his word. Also, the Loathly Lady gladly accepted him for she knew his heart was pure and he saw more with his mind than his eyes.

- The Antagonist in the story is The Loathly Lady herself. She's fighting an evil curse that was placed upon her to make her look outrageously hideous and cringe-worthy.

Sir Gawain and King Arthur were portrayed as Static (flat) characters where as Loathly Lady was a developing character because she had a different side to her that came during the end of the story.
We hope you enjoyed!!!

King Arthur meets Dark Black Knight in a forest, who challenges him in return to solve a riddle; what do women desire the most?
Rising Action;
A Loathly Lady demands a marriage to one of King Arthur's trusted men in return for her wisdom to his answer.
Sir Gawain gets married to the Loathly Lady.
Falling Action;
Loathly Lady transforms into her beautiful former self on her wedding night and reveals that Sir Gawain has half-released her from a curse that makes her appearance grotesque.
Being half released means she can only look beautiful for half the day. The Lady asks whether Sir Gawain prefers her to be beautiful during the day and horrendous during the night or vice versa. Sir Gawain then breaks the spell fully when he lets her have her
own way
, and says the decision is up to her.
Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady was an engaging and mythical story, truly a fun experience to analyze. The story based on King Arthur's time was a light hearted and moral tale and we would definitely recommend it.
The story is written as a narration from the author in a third person. It views all the characters emotions without going into depth
Literary Devices
The literary devices presented in Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady are;



Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady
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