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The Great Gatsby Timeline

No description

Zach Amundsen

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Timeline

The Great Gatsby Timeline
By: Zach, Cody, Rafael, Daniel

1922 Madness Begins
Nick Carraway moves to West Egg on Long Island, New York to learn the bond business. Rents a house which is next to Gatsby's mansion.
1922 Meeting the Buchanans
Nick attends a dinner party at Daisy and Tom's house in East Egg, where he meets Jordan Baker.
Nick and Tom take a trip to New York where Nick meetsMyrtle Wilson, Tom's mistress.
1922 The Great
Gatsby throws a party and invites Nick and becomes involved with Jordan Baker.
Nick finally meets Gatsby.
1917 - 1919 (Pre Great Gatsby)
World War I Began
- Jay Gatsby and Daisy fall in love but he leaves to battle.
- Nick and Gatsby both fight in the war

Daisy marries Tom Buchanan
1922 Afternoon Confessions
Gastby drives Nick to New York for lunch where Gatsby reveals his past. Nick also meets Meyer Wolfsheim a con artist, Gatsby's partner.

Jordan Baker reveals the romantic history of Daisy and Gatsby to Nick. Jordan asks Nick to arrange a meeting for Daisy to meet Gatsby.
1922 Reunited at last
Gatsby and Daisy are reunited at Nick's house.

Tim and Daisy attend one of Gatsby's parties where Tom finally meets Gatsby and accuses him of being a bootlegger.
1922 Secret lovers hidden and discovered
Gastby wins Daisy over and calls off the parties. Gatsby also lets off all of his servants.

George Wilson finds out about Myrtles affair.
1922 Afternoon Confrontation
Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan visit the Buchanans for lunch. Tom witnesses the passion between Daisy and Gatsby.
They all go to New York for the day.
Tom confronts Gatsby with the knowledge of his affair with Daisy. Daisy denies and returns to Tom and crushes Gatsby's dream of being together
1922 Disaster in paradise
Daisy and Gatsby return home in Gatsby's yellow Rolls Royce. Daisy hits Myrtle instantly killing her but continues driving.

Tom discovers the accident and tells George it was Gatsby's car.
1922 Pain & Misery
Daisy and Tom reconcile and leave Gastby alone.
Gastby is shot by George Wilson while lying in his pool. George then kills himself.
Nick tries to find Gatsby's friends to attend his funeral but they all disappeared. Only his father, Owl Eyes, and servants attend the funeral. Nick returns to the Midwest.
Central Idea
F. Scott Fitgerald's style of telling the story through the single view point of Nick Carraway builds the structure of the novel upon a biased opinion of the events.
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