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Social Media Strategy for Healthcare Sector

Social Media Strategy

MixORG Team

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy for Healthcare Sector

Vision Introduction Digital Channel Why Social Media? Company Profile Team: Founded in 2010 by engineering, management and research professionals from top Institutes of India and abroad. Team has filed for 15 US patents. Clients: Working with leading companies in India. Like: Hindustan Times, Aditya Birla Group, Outlook, Sopra Group, Religare, Medi Assist, J&J, PMO (Govt. of India), MIOT Hospitals are some examples Awards: Work for Hindustan Times recognised already by Facebook Studio. Facebook Studio features only the few select works of Impact from the globe. Services: Digital Media Solutions and Training. Already have trained over 1000 Professionals and students in over 50 organizations across sectors. Opportunity Digital Strategy for Healthcare Sector It is a radical new way to connect to the customers
It is participative and economical
It offers deep targeting
Already healthcare organizations around the world have started using it actively
In India the space is still to be taken over and hence presents a great opportunity Examples Stage 1 Stage 2 Indian Examples: Building the community Apollo Fortis US Examples: Giving healthcare services through digital medium Mayo Others Stage 1 Stage 2 Be out there professionally on all the possible channels and break the clutter
As community building is economical as of now,
It will also see a good viral because of growing Internet base in India
Break the clutter by adopting innovative campaigns to give value to customers
Establish themselves as a destination point on digital channels for healthcare
Professional management will avoid the risk the new medium brings
Usage of digital medium will ensure reach out to International markets on a very economical basis Start developing community linked programs to increase business
By Investing in e-Commerce
By Investing in mobile applications
By owning the customer using custom build platforms and providing them end to end service Use digital to be a thought leader in Healthcare
By actively providing value information to community
Engaging them for their issues
Converting them to the a long term loyal customer by MixORG
www.mixorg.com 3 stage evolution to create life time customers 2 step strategy Survey of Hospitals in USA Digital offers deep targeting Number of search results for each brand Angry customer
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