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Enterprise day 2010

what happened what we did and about the experice

faye mcfarlane

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Enterprise day 2010

Enterprise Day 2010 What isEnterprise Day?

Enterprise day is a when tecnology groups each make a product and sell there product and make a profit on enterprise day.you will have 4 weeks to come up with your team leader and co-leader; your products ; your colour of your clothes ; your title and badges

At the end of the day people from the groups will be judged on:
best presentation
best product
most products
As well as getting certificates for:
best presentation
best product
most products
best teamworker.
this is me, my name is Faith i am the third girl to the right My thoughts on Enterprise

I loved Enterprise Day! i really enjoyed having responsibilities in finace and human resources.
I loved making the products and helping out.
I thought that my group was very successfull with our products, profit and our presintation. This was a very good opportunity to have because i dont know one seconday school that have an Enterprise Day.Tank you!! How we worked as a team and what roles there were?

we worked as a team by:
thinking of our products
making our products
coming up with our title

The roles
human resoources
team leaders

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