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No description

Tiffany Mathew

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of BOLLYWOOD

What is bollywood?
(657) 201 5440
- A film industry of India centered in Mumbai.
- All (almost all) films are musicals in the Bollywood world.
-There are different forms of dancing in India that are all combined to form this type of dance.
- The main types of dances include:
1) Bhangara
2) Classical
3) Semi-Classical
4) Of Middle Eastern influence
5) Folk Dancing
All of these form are combined today into modern, Bollywood dancing.

Middle Eastern
Classical Dance
Semi Classical
Folk Dances
- Bhangara originates from Punjab, India.
- Consists of upbeat and fast movements

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Involves moves that have a meaning behind each step.
A hindu temple art
It is the oldest form of dance
Dandiya Raas
mostly seen in gujarati parties or on spiritual holidays
Played with wooden sticks with either one partner or a group of people.
of Western Influence
Seen now days in bollywood


What Should I Bring?
cloths that are easy to move in
a videocamera of some sort
lots and lots of water
The use of steps that originates from Arabia
Reference to the Islamic cultures and religion.

Less constricting steps, instead they are more flowy and jumpy
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