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2013 Client / Broker Campaign

No description

Joseph Rossi

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of 2013 Client / Broker Campaign

Digital Communications

Learning Loop
Marketing Automation Welcome Stream Test
Relevant. Timely. Data-Driven.
Substantial increases since 2011
Increased goals in 2013 to 19%
Increased average open rate 7% since 2011
Used content proven to be successful by collected data
Learning Loop
Strream 1 Test Results - December 2013
Open rates are several times what we experience with current brokers
Current brokers: 23% average unique opens
New brokers in welcome stream: 52% average unique opens over all three messages!!!

2013 Client / Broker
Marketing Campaign

Lead Generation
Thought Leadership
Staying Relevant in the Commercial Conversation
The B2B Team
Broker & Client Awareness

Direct Mail
Ad Partnerships
Our Focus Campaign Results
ACA Response
Vision Benefits LinkedIn Group
Choosing a Digital Targeting Partner
Learning Loop
Learning Loop
East Coast Geo-Targeting

David Carr & Kal Sanghera
Central Location for Broker Information
70:30 Rule
Integration with Digital Coms
PR Team Rocks!!!
8 Published Articles

Growth in Ancillary Benefits
Attract & Retain Over Value
Retention Strategy for Brokers
So What's Next....

Even MORE Geo-Targeting
Overlay qualitative information from sales
Refined spend in Q1
9% Total Annual Awareness growth
Majority of growth from broker audience
Majority of client awareness from larger clients
East significantly lower than west in all categories
Broker & Client Awareness
The Problem!
Began a targeted test digital campaign in August
Advertising Partners
Digital Communications
Timely. Relevant. Data-Driven.
38M Impressions

45,901 Clicks

Sticky rate, Visit Time and Average Page Views
Digital Media Statistics
>= 3X
Marketing Re-Targeting Test Partners

Tested 3 months each
Rocket Fuel close second
Collective has a added value with built-in awareness and intent measurement
B2B Email Marketing Open Rates

Increased goal to 19% in 2013
Overall 16% growth since 2011
Used content that did well statistically
Template Redesign
Learning Loop


B2B E-Newsletters: Eyecare Connection Template Redesign



B2B E-Newsletters: NewsBlink Template Redesign

Timing matters

Content is king

Pictures make a difference

Client learn, Brokers watch

Brokers-no attention span

Key Takeaways
Learning Loop
Automation Welcome Test
Three welcome messages deployed to new brokers in waves
Messages staged 7 days apart
5 week test period

Test Overview
Current brokers: 23% average unique opens
New brokers in welcome stream: 52% average unique opens
Next Steps
Survey test message recipients
Eloqua implementation
Extend stagger period
Continue to use "not opened" reminder
Find new ways to position your differentiators in relevant context

Drop it like a Rihanna record
Content Marketing
848 Qualified Leads to sales
Content Leads
Learning Loop
Key Takeaways
1 Year to apply ROI figure
Only two weeks to see web trend results
Optimized design over the year
27% CTA Overall
15,458 unique pieces
Learning Loop
Content Lead Gen
See Appendix for program elements and specs

Key Takeaways
Best lead program of the year
Lowest CPL
Most qualified (sales feedback)

Guaranteed minimum number of leads

Plans to increase next year
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