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Main Library Services

No description

Sara El-Sayed

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Main Library Services

The library of Alexandria
(Bibliotheca Alexandrina) The Children’s Library The Young People’s Library The Rare Books & Special Collections Francophone
Library Arts & Multimedia Library From 6 to 11 From 12 to 15 The Main Library Is considered the largest reading room of the world.
5 specialized libraries
(Depository Library- Taha Hussein - Rare books & special collections - Arts & Multimedia- Maps). Printed collection: includes
books, musical scores and
Audio-visual collection covers a
broad spectrum of motion pictures, documentary films, educational programs,
and self-teaching methods in languages and computers.
Computers Original manuscripts.
momentous documents and
other rarities.
early Printed books.
antique coins.
celebrities personal effects.
exceptional donations presented to the Library. A collection of 500,000 French books published between 1996 and 2006 in different fields.
the fourth largest francophone library in the world with the biggest collection of French books outside
France. Main Library levels The Main Library F2 F1 B2 Dewey: 900
(History - Geography).
Study Rooms: 14.
Sheets: -Daily statistics sheet.
-Reservation sheet
(SR- YP- Ch.- Nobel). Dewey: 300 (social science).
Study rooms: 11.
Sheets: -Reservation sheet.
-Daily statistics sheet.
Copy center ( scanner- copy machine). B4 Dewey: 000- 099 ( general
100(psychology & philosophy ).
No Study rooms.
Sheets: Clostx (theses - books). Maps Library (Depository library)
International Organizations.
Governmental institutions.
Materials: Arabic, English & French.
Periodicals: Alphabetical order.
References and book: Organizations names. B3 B1 Dewey: - 400 (Languages & Rhetoric)
- 500 (Natural sciences & Mathematics).
- 600 ( Technology).
SR: 5 + 1 ( Research appointment).
Sheets: -Monthly statistics sheet.
- Daily statistics sheet.
-Reservation sheet.
Gallery and museums. E B4 (cont'd)
Periodicals General information desk Directions - events - activities- courses.
Incoming calls. Membership desk Reservations desk Computers.
Study rooms. Dewey: 800 (literature).
Arabic literature : 892.
SR: 6.
The Internet Archive (IA): since 1996.
sheets: -Daily statistics sheet.
-Reservation sheet.
-Monthly statistics
sheet. Taha Hussein Library For the blind and visually impaired.
Special software Dewey: 200 (Religions).
SR: 14. Library learning center Orientation.
Information for All.
Internet Searching Advanced
Database Searching. Advanced.
Reference Advanced Course.
OPAC Search Advanced.
DL courses. Alphabetically: Arabic then English.
Search by journal's title.
A stand for newspapers and magazines.
Sheets: -Daily statistics sheet.
-Monthly statistics sheet.
-Periodicals reservation
sheet. Maps.
Atlases (911 - 912).
- The idrisi's map of the world.
- The Gulf and Mesopotamia.
- 6 globes. Maps library
Services 4 computers.
NASA: Google maps - Celestia -WorldWind.
ESRI: Arc Maps (GIS).
Maps club.
Visits. Level's name with Dewey number and subject.
OPAC computer.
Reference desk ( printer - 2 computers - telephone - converter - slips).
Reading tables.
Quiet area.
Study rooms (SR) except F2 & B4.
Sheets: - Daily statistic sheet.
- Monthly statistics sheet.
- Reservation sheet. Other Services BA website.
Digital Assets Repository (DAR).
Facebook group.
Academic Research centers.
Electronic resources.
My Space.
Search request form.
Activites ( Play reading
- courses). Children's library: Orange.
Young people's library: Green.
Main Library: Blue -Red.
BA friends.
Smart card.
Staff: Borrowing books. By: Amr Attallah - Menna Shalaby - Sara El-Sayed
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