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Copy of Strategic Management Presentation: Marvel

No description

Randy Seroy

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Strategic Management Presentation: Marvel

Case Study and Strategic Plan for
Marvel Entertainment Inc.
Marvel name began in the 1930’s under Timely Comics
Good Decades: 1960’s, 1980’s, 2000’s
Bad Decades: 1950’s, 1970’s, 1990’s
Revised Mission Statement
"Marvel Entertainment is a long standing entertainment company which focuses on the areas of publishing, licensing, and film to develop and exploit over 5,000 renowned characters in a variety of means. Our aim is to develop products for worldwide distribution, while providing amusement and leisure by delivering a high quality experience that is both imaginative and familiar."
Disney's Competitors
Marvel's Competitors
SWOT Analysis
1. Trademarks
2. Brand Name

4. History
5. Unique Characters
1. Demographic
2. Disney
3. Limited Diversification
4. Lack of Digital Experience
1. Disney
2. Online Technology
3. International Opportunities
1. Unnecessary Product
2. Competitors
3. Green Movement
4. Substitutes
Goals and Objectives
1. Theme Park Presence
2. Increase Online Products
3. Increase Licensing
4. Film Production
Alternative Strategy Analysis
1. Horizontal Growth Strategy (International Focus)
2. Vertical Growth
3. Horizontal Growth Strategy (Acquisition Focus)
4. Increase Distribution Channels
Grand Strategy
Horizontal Growth Strategy (International Focus)
Increase Distribution Channels
Marvel name began in the 1930’s under Timely Comics
Implementation – Horizontal Growth Strategy (International Focus)

-24-month period
-Exploration, Hiring, Contracts
-3 5-month periods
-Increasing options
Controls – Horizontal Growth Strategy
-Output Controls
2% growth bonus
5% growth raise
-Input Controls
Lawyers ABA accredited with 10+ years exp.
Marketing & Distribution 15+ years exp. Internationally

Implementation – Increase Distribution Channels (Digital Focus)
-12-month period
-Exploration, Story Planning, Marketing
-5 issues
-Other comics and apps

Controls – Increase Distribution Channels
Output Controls
5% increase in revenue
Commensurate bonus

Behavioral Controls:
Importance of deadlines
1 week ahead = 5% bonus
Artists, writers, and Programmers
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