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The Computer and its parts

By me

Louis Weaver

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of The Computer and its parts

The motherboard connects everything up on the inside.
The CPU is the 'brains of the computer.
Ram is the random access memory. It is the computers short-term memory.
The hard drive is the long.
term memory. Anything you save goes here.
The power supply
powers the rest of the computer
By Louis weaver
Please enjoy!!!
For example if you plug
an USB stick in the
information has to go
through the motherboard
to get to the CPU.
The CPU carries out
the instructions of a computer program.
E.g. A game.
You need a good
graphics card if
you want to play
The cost of a motherboard is based on how good you want it you want it be.Around about £79.00 to £5000.
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