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Roman Business and Trade

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Anthony Hoffman

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Roman Business and Trade

Roman Business and Trade
Shops were an important part of Roman business. They didn't have a Meijer, so they would go to shops such as this for food and stuff.
Many Ancient Romans were fishermen. They caught fish and then sold them for trade. They used nets from catching the fish.
Roman Money
Roman people sometimes used money, but more often than not they simply traded. They would both get something they wanted or needed, without actually spending anything.
Men hunted in Roman culture. They hunted birds, deer, and boar. They also hunted for sport. They often used spears.

Women did the gathering. They gathered nuts and fruit. They also gathered their crops, such as wheat and barley.
In Rome, all the people met by the Forum, the business district. They did all their business, trading, banking, and general meeting by the Forum. Festivals were also held by the Forum.
The Romans were famous for building roads. They built roads because people would come to trade in the shops and it's easier for the costumers to travel. The Romans would often travel in chariots.
Brandon Steenstra
Anthony Hoffman
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