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Drupal, Accessibility, and 508 Compliance

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Rob Ellis

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Drupal, Accessibility, and 508 Compliance

Section 508 Compliance
via Drupal Core & Contrib Introduction Rob Ellis

Lead Drupal Developer at Aquilent Working with the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the federal department of Health and Human Services Started as a PHP/MySQL developer in 2002. Introduced to Drupal in 2005. Served as the senior developer for the Carnegie Institution for Science from 2007-2011. Section 508 A 1986 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Not part of the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) The Purpose 1. Eliminate barriers to information technology;
2. Make new opportunities available to people with disabilities;
3. Encourage development of technologies to meet these goals. The Focus of Section 508: Software Applications & Operating Systems Web-based Internet Information & Applications As well as:
Telecommunications products
Videos or Multimedia Products
Computers and hardware Based on
Web Accessibility
Initiative (WAI) What exactly does 508 require? Text equivalent for non-text (alt tags) Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation. Information conveyed with color is available without color Organize documents in such a way that they are readable without a style sheet. Useful
readers Helpful
for the
impaired What exactly does 508 require? (1-4) (5-8) Text equivalents for image maps Row and column headers shall be identified for data tables Provide markup for data tables with two or more logical levels of row or column headers Availability of client-side (vs. server-side) image maps Making
sense of
maps Making
sense of
tables What exactly does 508 require? (9-12) Provide frame titles for identification and navigation Prevent pages from causing the screen to flicker at a frequency greater than 2 Hz and lower than 55 Hz. If equivalent information or functionality cannot be provided, a text-only page will be provided as an alternative, with the page's content updated whenever the primary page changes Identify scripting language used to display content with functional text that can be read by accessible technology. What exactly does 508 require? (13-16) Pages requiring an applet or plugin must provide a link to that plugin Electronic forms must allow for access to the information and field elements (including all directions and cues). Users must be able to functionally access and complete the form. Let users skip repetitive navigation links (Skip-Nav) Pages requiring a timed response will alert the user and prompt if more time is required. Remember: 1. Required for federal agencies Remember who you are developing for... Core modules Contributed modules Drupal Core Accessibility Improvements Search engine form and presentation Color contrast and intensity The addition of "Skip Nav" to core themes Image handling provides text-equivalent fields for all images Proper form labeling ensures forms can be submitted Semantic support for Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) (e.g. Drag-&-Drop, Menu Trees) Elements of an Accessibility Strategy Themers:
Themes must be built with accessibility and 508 compliance in mind Developers:
Site content and architecture must be structured in a manner that adheres to and promotes the requirements Content Authors:
Implement 508 compliant best practices and procedures Conributed Modules Accessibility Helper A collection of three modules
Accessible API
Accessible Fix
Accessible Help These modules provide a handy toolset and API to assist in fixing accessibility errors, and making other modules more accessible. Focuses on ensuring the developer has a robust set of tools for tackling accessibility questions and concerns. Block ARIA Landmark Roles Extends the core Rich Internet Application functionality to blocks as well as to entities Focuses on Developers HTML Purifier Serves as an HTML filter for malicious code Ensures content is standards compliant Focuses on both developers and content authors Page Style Focuses on the site visitor Text Size Both of these modules provide an interface through which users can increase or decrease the text size of fonts on the page. Text Resize Focuses on the user Conclusion Section 508 is required for federal agencies. Drupal provides several out-of-the-box enhancements to meet these requirements. Third-party contributed modules serve to further round out and meet accessibility requirements Accessibility and compliance requires a structured approach, which takes into account developers, themers and authors.
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