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The Secret Circle

No description

Faye Chamberlain

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of The Secret Circle

Melanie is a very excited and cheerful person. Melanie is also on Diana's side. Laurel is Melanie's good friend. She is also Jumpy and hyper! Her hobby is planting and she is not afraid to share her feelings.
By: Mahima Das, Alex Wu, Kyuho Lee, Edward Lacson, Julia Carreras,and Emma Murray
The Secret Circle
Main Characters
Faye Chamberlain
Cassie Blake
Doug Henderson
(Alex Wu)
Sean Hennessey (Edward Lacson)
Chris Henderson (Kyuho Lee)
Melanie Brooks
(Julia Carreras)
Melanie Brooks
Faye Chamberlain
Chris Henderson

Doug Henderson
Cassie is shy, gentle and calm. My group says I'm calm but I'm not so sure. She moved from California to New Salem like I moved from Arlington to Lexington! :) Cassie is on Diana's side. wootwoot!
Chris is a goofy kid like me. He is one of the Henderson brothers, and I am called Chris because I am always goofing off like Chris Henderson. BUT NOT ALL THE TIME! I am very indecisive on what side I am, like Doug Henderson.
Doug Henderson is one of the Henderson brothers. A decent amount of the time, in the book Doug goofs off and sort of jokes around with Chris Henderson and that is why I am like Doug Henderson.

hi my name si p
Sean Hennessey
Sean Hennessey is just a regular member of the Secret Circle. In the book, Sean has a crush on Cassie Blake, another member of the Secret Circle. (I don't) Sean is small, just like me. That's why I'm Sean.
Faye is like a stalker. She is forceful and is a leader. She blackmails. And she wears black. She usually wears black, like me, and has red lips and nails.
Cassie Blake
Mahima Das
Alex Wu
Julia Carreras
Edward Lacson
Emma Murray
Kyuho Lee
Now you get to see our video!!!
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