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Maryland and Delaware Sales Pitch

No description

Claudia Gaither

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Maryland and Delaware Sales Pitch

Journey to Maryland or Delaware
Life in the Colony
Recently founded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore, this proprietary colony is a place of religious tolerance, especially for Catholics. A vibrant tobacco economy provides plenty of job positions for indentured servants (and a free passage to the new world). The colony's capital of St. Mary's hosts the meetings of the General Assembly, and is an excellent cultural center.
This proprietary colony hosts very fertile soil, making it an excellent place to grow grain. Rivers in this region have been harnessed to power water wheels, another important aspect in the grain exporting. The capital is located at New Castle, and is the seat of colonial government.
Life in the Colony
New Castle
Delaware and its neighbors have become known as the "breadbasket" colonies
St. Mary's
England at the Time
Looking for a new life?
Are you a member of the Catholic church, tired of prosecution from the Protestant majority and searching for a safe haven in the New World? Even if you're short on money, there are ways to make your voyage to the New World affordable, by traveling to Maryland!
flag of colonial Maryland
The grand colony of Delaware has been founded in 1638 by the Swedes.
England at the Time
Maryland not for you? Not a fan of religious tolerance? Journey to the Delaware, located adjacent to Maryland on the east Atlantic coast. This lovely colony was also recently founded by a group of Swedes (the leader of which was Peter Minuit) in the year of our Lord 1638. Its main purpose is to assist with trade duties of the motherland.
Delaware is currently a part of Maryland, although there are rumors of a merging with Pennsylvania in the future.
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