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Technology in the Classroom

Looking at the use of technology in the SciTech classroom, this presentation explores the variety of hardware/software being incorporated into lessons. In addition, the presentation will present the perspectives of multiple stakeholders.

katherine arbuthnot

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom Tomken Road Middle School
SciTech Program
2012-2013 Parents Science BIG IDEAS Digital Citizenship

Learning Process

Media Literacy Technology is a big part of our students' lives and we need to use it if we want to reach them.

We need to be willing to be learners and co-constructors of knowledge in partnership with the students. What We're Using Stakeholders Perspectives In Context Some Final Thoughts HARDWARE Computer Lab
28 PCs running Windows C.O.W.
(A.K.A. Bessie)
28 MacBooks B.Y.O.D.
Bring Your Own Device What kind of devices? pc laptops
other tablets (e.g. android) Lesson Delivery SOFTWARE Gathering Information Demonstrating Learning Document Camera and LCD Projector Some Examples LASS The Arts Students Teachers Teacher Web Prezi/PowerPoint https://resources.elearningontario.ca Google.ca/Bing.com/SweetSearch.com Britannica Online/Groliers https://resources.elearningontario.ca Prezi/PowerPoint PBWorks.com/Kidblog.com PowToon.com TeacherWeb (Blogging) ComicLife.com/Bitstrips.com www.webs.com/www.weebly.com/www.wix.com Bi-Weekly Science Blogs Smart Ideas Geometer's Sketchpad Lego Mindstorms Toon Boom Animation Audacity iMovie GoogleDocs Google Picasa Grade Eight Art Blogs kidblog.com teacherweb.com Grade Seven Pop Art Picasa.com Collaborative Inquiry pbworks.com Inquiry: Demonstration of Learning wix.com Benefits student enthusiasm & engagement
differentiated instruction & product
increased student comfort with multiple platforms (pc, mac)
development of problem solving skills
online homework board = increased accountability
provides opportunity for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking
facilitates the triangulation of data for assessment (observation, conversation, product) Yeah, but that's SciTech . . . technology can be incorporated into any program
use the students' strengths and interests to guide the types of technology used
take a risk and let the students amaze you Concerns/Drawbacks responsible digital citizenship
responsible use of technology equipment
equity of access
monitoring online contributions (time)
feedback: loss of the personal touch
basic computer skills are often lacking YouTube YouTube Digital Citizenship and "Netiquette" needs to be taught explicitly
requires modeling
monitoring of student online activities is an absolute necessity Process Counts! emphasizes process, as well as final product
encourages further questioning; going beyond the basic requirements
stresses the importance of learning from each other, with each other and from experiences - not just memorizing facts and formulas Developing Critical Consumers Access and Manage useful information
Evaluate online sources for accuracy, authority, timeliness and bias Biodiversity Inquiry prezi.com Science Blog Student Response
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