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Adriana's Monologue

Adriana's monologue from The Comedy of Errors

richelle johnson

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Adriana's Monologue

Adriana's Monologue
The Comedy of Errors The Context Adriana's is repremanding the man
whom she believes is her husband for
cheating one her and falling in love
with her sister, Luciana. But the man
is actually the long lost twin brother
of her husband, who is searching
for his twin. A Summary
of the
Monologue Adriana's Character Adriana seems like a very strong woman. I think that she has her real husdand on a very tight leash and she generally gets what she wants. In the solioque she tells her husband that breaking from her would be very difficult and this is also seen furthur on in the play when Adriana pursues Antipholus after he has fled to an abbey in order to get him back. Rhetorical Devices Anaphora: the device lend ephasis to the strong feeling of betrayal and anger that Adriana is feeling
That never words...
That never object...
That never toched...
That never meat...
And hurl the name...
And tear the stained...
And from my false...
And break it with a... Simile: Draws a comparison between finding
a drop of water in the ocean and breaking with Adriana.
The simile illustrates the difficulty of the task.
as easy mayst thou fall...
without addition of diminishing,
as take from me thyself and not me too. Polysyndeton: The repetition of the word draws attention to the section and provides emphasis on the actions that she feels were signifigant.
Unless I spake, or looked, or touched, or carved to thee Themes A definite theme is The Comedy of Errors is mistaken
identity. Adriana's soliloque really illustrate the feeling
and effects of the feelings of betrayal left by the confusion
and differences in personality of the characters. Hightights from Adriana's monologue:
Ay, ay, Antipholus, look strange and frown
some other mistress has your sweet aspects
Another woman has caught his intrests

as easy mayst thou fall
a drop of wter in the breaking gulf,
And take unmingled thence that drop again
Without addition of diminishing,
As take from me thyself and not me too.
It would be easier to let a drop of water fall into the ocean and
fish it out again than try to get rid of me and not but not ruin me. "stained skin off my harlot brow"
-traditionally a woman was marked as
a prostitute by a brand on the forehead. A theme in the play is mistaken identities and Adriana's monologue
really reflects the pain and betrayal that is felt by the character
when confusion over actions and strangeness set in The tone of the monologue is anger and confusion towards Antipholu, as expressed in Adriana's threats toward Antipholus.
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