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An Inspector Calls

No description

Timothy Yeaes

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls
By J.B. Priestly
No man is an Island

No man is an island entire of itself
every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
well as a manor of thy friends or of thine
own were; any man's death diminishes me,
I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

John Donne
Starter Question - What same MESSAGE do the following pieces share?
The Responsibility Story
A teenage girl is being abused at home by her stepfather.

The girl confides in her school teacher who refuses to get involved in the sensitive matter.

The girl seeks help from her mother who refuses to believe her and kicks her out of home.

The girl drops out of school and lives in a squat where she is supplied with narcotic drugs by a housemate.

She becomes addicted and turns to shoplifting to pay for her addiction.

She is arrested and spends two months in prison before her release.

The girl finds employment impossible due to her conviction and lack of address.

Eventually the landlord evicts the girls from the property leaving her homeless.

After being turned away by so many people,the girl commits suicide by throwing herself in front of an oncoming car.
Explain which person is RESPONSIBLE for this girl's death.
do you feel,
towards the following?
lobal Warming
Welfare of fellow students
Child exploitation in 3rd world Sweatshops
The future generation

of youngsters
Lesson Objectives:

Understand and comment on the effect created by stage directions.

Explore the effect created in the opening scene.

List and comment on the Characters in the Opening Act.
Look at the following images. Write two lines commenting on when it is and what society is like at the time.
"Couldn't give a monkey's toss Mr Yeates"
"This affects me sincerely and I feel responsible Sir!"
Where is

The dining-room of a large suburban house. The atmosphere is cosy and homelike. The lighting is pink and intimate until the
arrives and then it should be brighter and harder. The four
are seated around the table. The parlour maid is clearing the table and placing on it a port decanter and box of cigars. The men are in tails and white ties.
Mr Birling
is a heavy-looking, portentous man man in his fifties.
His wife
is a cold woman.
Birling is a pretty girl in her early twenties.
Birling is shy, uneasy and half assertive.
is an attractive chap and about thirty. He is the well-bred young man about town.
Stage Settings for the Opening Act
this scene commenting on the
Lesson Objectives:

Comment on the Character of Mr Birling - D

Explain how the playwright portrays Mr Birling - C

Explore the Character of Arthur Birling - B
Which Character's do these quotes describe:

"The man about town"
"Heavy Faced & Portentous"
"Shy and Unassertive"
Write these quotes down! What do they tell us about Mr Birling?

"Lower costs and higher prices"

"Clothes are a sign of a woman's self respect."

"A man has to mind his own business and look after himself"

"The worlds developing so fast it will make war impossible."
How has the playwright engaged the audience in his play so far?
Lesson Objectives:

Describe the Character of Sheila Birling! C

Comment on how Preistly engages his audience. D

Explain the techniques used by the playwright to create effect. B
e.g. Through
Stage directions,

Dramatic Irony?
"But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people."

Capitalism =
Satire =
Quick Quiz
What year is the play set?

Who is gathered around the diningroom table?

How is the lighting described in the opening scene?

What does Birling say about the posibility of war & the Titanic?

What are Birling's views towards 'Community'?

Give 3 ways in which Inspector Goole is described.

How does Sheila react to the news of Eva Smith?
Lesson Objectives

Understand the political/moral views of the Playwright - D

Comment on the Characters and Events of ACT 1 - C

Eplain the effect created by the Characters and Stage Directions. - B
Write this quote down! What does it say about Goole's Character?
Why has Priestly called this man

"Inspector Goole."
"It would do us all good if we tried to put ourselves in the place of these poor young women."
In pairs, create a timeline of events so far in Act 1!
Where is it set?
What characters are there?
What is the mood like?
How does the mood change?
What effect does this person create?
Who's speech does this character interupt?
What does this character say about community?
Lesson Objectives

Comment on the Character of Goole. - D

Explore the Events and Characters in Act 1 - C

Explain how Priestley creates Dramatic Effect. - B
Text Interrogation.

Where did Eva get her new job?
Why does the inspector insist on one line of enquiry?
What has Eric had a lot of?
Why and How did Sheila get Eva sacked?
When does the Inspector say he will leave?
How does Gerald react upon hearing Eva's new name?
What is Gerald's attitude as he talks to Sheila?
Why does Sheila laugh when Gerald says 'We can keep it from him'?

(B - grade!)
What does this word mean?
How does the end of Act 1 leave you feeling?
Gerald: We can keep it from him.
Sheila: You fool! He Knows! Of course he knows - And I hate
to think how much he knows that we don't know yet.
You'll see!
He looks crushed. The door slowly opens and the Inspector appers, looking steadily & searchingly at them.
Inspector: Well?
Why is Mrs Birling's entrance out of key with the scene?

What does Mrs Birling mean by 'Girls of that class'?

What does Mrs Birling think of the Inspector's attitude?

How does Mrs Birlings react to Sheila's disclosure about Eric's

What sort of character is Mrs Birling?

Are the Birling's meant to symbolise something else?
Lesson Objectives:

Comment on Priestley's use of Dramatic Effect. - D

Explain the Character of Mrs Birling - C

Explain Preistley's use of symbolism in the play. - B
"Now Miss Birling has just been made to understand what she did to this girl. She feels responsible"
"We have to share something. If there's nothing else we'll have to share our guilt."
What is Goole trying to achieve?
Which Characters feel responsible for Eva's suicide & who don't?

Who is the Inspector having an effect on?

Who shares the same views as Inspector Goole?
lesson objectives:

Comment on the character of Goole. D

Explain the impact the Inspector has on the characters. C

Explore the effect created through this character. B
In groups of 3 -

"He's giving us the rope so we can hang ourselves."
How does Goole get confessions
out of everyone?
Plot these
Stage Directions
onto a tension graph.
A Sharp ring of a doorbell.

The Inspector looks steadily and searchingly at them.

He creates an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness.

He speaks carefully, weightily.

Sharply turning on him. Mr & Mrs Birling give an exclamation of suprise.
Lesson Objectives:

Identify the correct sequence of events in the play.

Explain how Priestley uses Goole in the narrative.
Stephen Daldry Adaptation.
The house is on legs that slowly give way throughout the play?
What does this symbolise?

Describe Gerald's Character? - D

the different sides to Gerald Croft - B
Lesson Objectives:
Comment on use of symbolism in the play. - C
Cheating uncaring bastard?
Sensitive gent showing remorse?
Explore Croft's Character
H/W - to be handed in after half term. (1 page)

How does Priestley use the Inspector to create dramatic effect?
Stick your quote onto the correct character.
Lesson Objectives:

Identify quotes for a character. E

Comment on the dramatic effect created by Preistley. D

Explain how/why Preistley creates dramatic effect. C/B
Which character is made to look foolish by Goole?
How are they made to look foolish? - D

What makes this a dramatic ending to ACT 2? - C

Why would Priestley want to have this affect on the audience? - B
What two bits of
dramatic irony
have we witnessed in the play so far?

Identify aspects of Dramatic Irony in Priestley's play. - D

Comment on the effect created by Preistley's use of Dramatic Irony. - C

Explain why Preistley has used this dramatic technique. - B
lesson objectives:
Priestley uses dramatic irony in Act 1/ end of Act 2 when.............................

This makes the audience think that the character of................................. is........................................

Priestley wants the audience to have this reaction towards this character because...................................


stick the adjective to the appropriate character.
Who is Priestley's audience and what is he preaching to them?
Who is Priestley's mouth piece in the play?
Identify the message of the playwright. D

Comment on how Priestley has conveyed his message. C

Explain how Priestley gets his message across to his audience. B
Why didn't Inspector Goole just say his final speech at the beginning and saved us all 2hours?
Preistley uses Inspector Goole as a mouthpiece to voice his opinions which are.....................................

Goole is trying to make the Birlings and Gerald.......................................................................

Goole is used as a dramatic effect throughout the play e.g. when ...................................................
Finish off the answers

Lesson Objectives:
What events happened off stage that we never saw?
Eva Smith's Greatest Hits
1910 - 1912
1910 1911 1912 1913 1914
Lesson Objectives
Comment on the Character of Eva Smith

Summarize the key events involving Eva Smith

Explore the Character of Eva Smith.
If Inspector Goole is a
& not physically real - who's been questioning the characters, & to whom have they been replying?
Analyse your character...
Lesson Objectives:

Comment on Priestley's use of Inspector Goole. - D

Comment on the culpability of a character. - C

Argue the culpability of a character. - B
Write a paragrapgh explaining which Character is most to blame for Eva's suicide!
What events we find out
What did Eric do when absent from the diningroom?
What did Birling say to Eva about striking?
Lesson Objectives:

Complete writing your dramatic script.

Practice Performance.

Check your performance against the success criteria.

Speak fluently and confidently.

Use body language and gesture.

Adapt the tone of your voice.

Reflect the feelings of your character through what you say.

Speak for about 90seconds.

Refer to events in the play and slip in some dramatic irony.
Speaking & Listening Assessment (5mins)
What do these shows make fun of?
What made this a good adaptation?
I am going to leave the room for 3 mins.

You can write whatever you want on this piece of paper.

I will return blindfolded and hold it up.
Lesson Objectives:

Identify the effect created by dramatic irony.

Comment on the central characters in the play.




How is each Character to blame for Eva's death?
Lesson Objectives:

Understand the difference between a Dictatorship

Learning Objectives:
Understand the context of the play.

Comment on the events and characters.

Explain the effect created by the stage directions.
summarize the context of the narrative.
When was it set. What was it like back then?
What foolish and arrogant things does he say/believe?
Title & Playwright. Characters. Setting (yr & place). Event. Lighting & Atmosphere. Context.
Learning Objectives:
Understand the context of the play.

Recap on the events in the play.

Explain the character of Mr Birling.
Extension Task - comment on the other characters we have met thus far.
Label your image
Re-read pages 1-3 &
Re cap on characters and context of the play. E

Comment on the character of Mr Birling. D

Explain how Priestley portray's Birling's character. C
Learning Objectives
(Pages 6-10)
Research 5-10 facts about J.B. Priestley.
What are your views if you believe in...


In pairs, form a question to ask the experts, about the play.
e.g. what was society like in 1912?
Hot Seat
Mr Birling
Read the next 3 pages and explain what Mr Birling's Character is like.
Pairs - form questions to ask Mr Birling.
Answer your question and stick it on the board.
What does Birling say?
Birling Adjectives
Year & Setting
Learning Objectives:
Understand the characters, events & context.


Comment on the character of the Inspector.

Explain the effect Goole has on Birling.
The Inspector
Physical Description from the stage diecrtions
What adjectives best describe him

What does he say?
What effect does he have on Birling, Sheila & Gerald?
Page s 11 - 16
Hot Seat Mr Birling & The Inspector.
Teacher = Watkins
In pairs create questions to ask Birling & Goole.
How he says it?
Steer Josie Spurdle
Explore the character of Mr Birling

Examine the character of Inspector Goole.
Learning Objectives:
I am going to leave for 3 mins

I will return blindfolded and hold this A2 paper.

In my absence, you may write on this paper. (keep it clean).

Explain how Priestley has engaged the audience so
far. C

xplain the emotions of Sheila. B

Explore the character of Gerald. A
Learning Objectives
How does her reaction differ to her Father's?

what does she say that reflects her emotions p.24

How does Sheila react to Eva's death?
List down one way Priestley has engaged the audience so far...
make the corrections to your work that I have suggested...
Identify dramatic irony within the text, & it's effect. D

Comment on Sheila's character. C
The belief that everyone in society is, and should be, equal. Wealth should be distributed evenly & fairly.

Socialism -

Humanism -

A concern for the welfare of everyone.

- Make profit for yourself.

"It would do us all good if we tried to put ourselves in the place of these poor young women..."

"It's my duty to ask questions & find out what happened."
What do these quotes reveal about Goole's character?
If Goole is a "ghoul" - who are they talking to?
Why does Priestley create dramatic irony through Birling's Character?
Write a 250 word TWEET from the perspective of Eva Smith, set just after she was fired from Milwards and meets Gerald.
What is dramatic irony? D

Give an example of it in the play so far? D

What are Preistley's views? C

How does he convey his views through the play? B

Why does he create dramatic irony through the character of Mr Birling? A
Learning Objectives:
Explain how Priestley convey's his viewpoints through the pl

Explore the feelings of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.

Explore the character of Gerald Croft.
Dirty Little love Rat
kind & caring gentleman who is deeply remorseful?
Pages 13,14,15, 24 & 25
Explain Priestley's viewpoin
Write down a good/bad aspect of Gerald's character and attach it to the continuum.
Success Criteria...
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar is correct.
Explained how & why she changed her name.
Explain where she met Gerald.
Who did Gerald save her from?
How did she feel towards Gerald at first?
How did he help you?
How did you feel when he ended you relationship?
What is she going to do next?
You have explored a range of Eva's feelings towards the Birlings.
Commented on the wage increase was she after.
Explained what unemployment felt like.
Explained why she was smiling at Sheila's dress.
Commented on what she thinks of Gerald.
Learning Objectives:
Recap on the central characters & moral message of the play.

Analyse the feelings of Eva/Daisy.
Cheeky Lil QUIZ
Recap on Events & Characters in the play.
Explore the Character of Sybil Birling.
Old Joe Meggarty
Do their characteristics remind you of any teachers or students at Wadham?
'No Man is an Island'

No man is an island entirely to himself.
Each is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a section be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less. Any man's death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
What is the message of this poem?

Is this the message of any other texts you have studied?
Write down what you already know about this character?
Progression Line
I know nothing about Sybil!
I can analyse her character in great depth
I can comment on a few aspects of her character and support with quotes.
Learning Objectives:
Explain the message of the play.

Explore the character of Mrs Birling.
I have explained the following....
What adjectives best describe Mrs Birling?
Highlight parts of the text that support these adjectives.
What do the final four pages of Act 2 reveal about Mrs Birling's character? (10 marks)
The play was written in 1946, & set in 1912
What sort of people went to the theatre then?
What sort of family are the Birlings?
What adjectives describe your character?
What quotes sum up your character?
What part did they play in Eva/Daisy's suicide?
Do they feel responsible?
How do the stage directions describe their emotion?
Are they the source of dramatic irony?
Who said what...
"We can work together for lower costs & higher prices"

"I can't accept responsibility"

"Community and all that nonsense, a man has to look after himself."

" what do you expect from girls of that class"

"I have done nothing I regret"

"He's giving us the rope so that we'll hang ourselves"

"public men have rights as well as responsibilities."

" If we have nothing else we'll have to share our guilt."
Mrs Birling is an ignorant character.

This is evident from the text when she says " I won't believe it"

This reveals that she has no idea of her son's drinking problems.


What the stage direction reveal about her.
How Goole makes her feel.
How she feels about Daisy's death.
Who does she feel is responsible?
What dramatic techniques Preistley uses.
What Preistley wants us think about this characeter
Explain who is the most to blame for Eva/Daisy's death?
1909 1910 1911 1912 1913
Put these 7 events in the correct order.
Explain the part that all the Birlings/Crofts played in her downfall.
Final Speaking & Listening Assessment.
who you think is the most
guilty & responsible
character for the death of Eva/Daisy.
In groups of 3/4
Discuss & Argue...
Learning Objectives:
Comment on how Priestley uses SATIRE

Explain how each character is responsible for Eva's death.

Argue which character is the most guilty.
Each member argues the case for a different character.

Explain why what they did to Eva/Daisy was so awful.

Do they feel any guilt or remorse for what they did.

Speak clearly and confidently, for 3-5 mins each, & debate against the others in your group.

Gerald Croft meets Daisy at the Palace Bar and dumps her after a summer affair.

A Jealous Sheila has her sacked from Milwards for laughing.

Eric has a drunken fling with Daisy and gets her pregnant.

Mrs Birling refuses Daisy charity from her committee.

Eva Smith/Daisy renton commits suicide.

Birling sacks Eva for leading a strike.

Eva changes her name to Daisy Renton

Lesson Objectives:
When you attack & mock someone's behavior or beliefs
Who/What is he satirizing and how does he achieve it?
Goldfish Bowl
Discuss the following AS A GROUP...
"What Dramatic Entrances and Exits are there in this play?"

"What graphic aspects of this play would have shocked a 1946 audience?"

Does he feel responsible?
How does he feel about the news that the inspector tells him?
What sexist thing does he say?
Lesson Objective:
Empathize with the living conditions of a poor factory worker in 1912.
What does he think about society?
What does Priestley want the audience to think about his character?
Why did Priestley write this play?
why was Birling interrupted mid speech? p.10
Lesson Objective:

Comment on the central characters in the play.
Eng Lang Eng Lit
Exam - 60%
Reading 1hr
Writing 1hr
C/W - 40%
Of Mice & Men
Descritptive & Narrative
Spoken language Study
Exam - 75%

C/W - 25%
What do you now know about the context?
When was it set?

Who wrote this play?

What ship sank the same year?

What major world event started two years later?

What big revolution had happened in Britain?

What was the gap like between rich & poor?

What is the lighting in the opening scene? p.1

What's the mood?

Which characters have we met so far?

who's getting married?

What foolish things has Mr Birling said?

What does a Capitalist believe?

what does a Socialist believe?

Who's died & how did they die?

Label the characters & any information about their personalities.
write down something that one of these characters said to another...
How do the stage directions describe his actions
What adjectives describe him?

What foolish things does he say about War & Titanic p.7
What sexist thing does he say? p.9
What's his business called?
Explain how Mr Birling's character is presented in the opening scene.
Mr Birling is a .................... character.

This is evident from the following quote "..................................................."

When Mr Birling talks about ..................................... & ................................ he comes across as very .......................

Inspector Goole makes Mr Birling feel/behave very ........................... , because ..................
What selfish things does he say? p.10
how does he feel about Eva Smith's death? What quote reveals this? p.14
Capitalism vs Socialism
Which phrase belongs to which idea?
Everyone should make as much money as they can for themselves.

Everyone's money should be shared equally.

Mr Birling

You get very rich people, however you get very poor people.

look out for everyone

big gap between rich and poor

look after yourself

working class people like this idea

bosses and businessmen like this idea

Margaret Thatcher

Boarding Schools

Talk for as long as you can about what has occurred so far... context, characters & events
How does the inspector make him feel? p.17
How is the Inspector described? p.11
How does she react when she learns of her fathers involvement? p.19
What did she do to Eva & why?
L.O. Explore the character of Sheila Birling pps 17-24
1. What does the Inspector inform the Birling's of when he enters? p.11

2. What was her name?

3. How long ago did Mr Birling employ her?

4. When did she leave Mr birling's employment? p.13

5. What can't Mr Birling accept? p.14

6. After August, what did Birling's workers ask their wages to be raised from and to? p.14

7. When Birling refused what did they do?

8. What did Birling to Eva? p.15

9. Where did Eva get a job next? p.20

10. Who had her fired?

11. Why did they have her fired? p.23 -24

12. What did she change her name to? p.25

13. Which of the characters does she meet next? p.26
Pretend you are Eva Smith.

Complete you diary entry...
Talk about the context, characters & events so far!
What is the lighting at the start of the play?
Penny = 4 farthings
hapenny = half penny
12 pennies = Shilling
Half a Crown = 2 Shillings & 6 Pennies
Crown = 5 shillings
20 shillings = 1 pound
22 shillings & 6 - 25 shillings
3 sh
half a crown per item
1/2 Crown
1/2 Crown
2 sh
1 sh
3 farthings
What would you buy if you were Eva?
1 shilling
1/2 crown
a. I changed my name to Daisy Renton.

b. I killed myself.

c.. Gerald saved me from the sleezy Joe Maggarty.

d. Mr Birling sacked me.

e. I lead a strike for more pay.

f. I was sacked from Milwards.

g. Gerald found me a place to live.

h. This posh girl thought I was laughing at her.

i. Gerald dumped me.

j. I luckily got a job at Milwards.

Explore the characters of Eva Smith & Gerald Croft
Put these 10 Daisy/Eva events in the correct order...
1. e
2. d
3. j
4. h
5. f
6. a
7. c
8. g
9. i

Name the Characters we've met so far. E

How have three characters negatively affected Eva's death?

How do Mr Birling & His daughter differ in their reaction to Eva's suicide D

What dramatic irony has occurred so far?

How does Inspector Goole make Mr Birling feel?

What was life like in 1912 if you were rich and poor? C

What is the difference between Capitalism & Socialism?

How has J.B. Priestley engaged the audience so far? B

p.39 - how did you feel during your relationship with Gerald.

-How did you feel when he ended things with you?
Why did Priestley Write this Play?

How has he got his message across so far?
Pretend you are Eva Smith giving a speech to the rest of Birling & Co's workforce, persuading them to strike
Open with a rhetorical question...

write a formal letter of complaint to Milwards about the service you received about one of their staff members
Write an article persuading people to watch the play...
catchy title & subtitle
Image of a significant moment in the play
what interesting events occur?
what is the message of the play?
How does Priestley convey the message?
Write the opening paragraph to a report about the death of Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton.
Summary of how, where, when & why she killed herself.

Brief description about what people and events were mentioned in her diary.
Pretend you are a journalist working for the Royston Evening News. Write a report on the vandalism of a record shop by a young teenage girl.

When & when did it happen.
What was the name of the offender and what damage was caused?
Why did she vandalise the property?
Who else was present with her at the time and where were they on their way to?

Lesson Objective:
Explore the context of the setting of J.B. Priestley's play 'An Inspector calls'
When was it set?

where is it set?

What historic events took place at the time?

What was it like living in that time?

Leader Timekeeper Scribe Presenter
Label where &
when the play is set.
What is the occasion
What class are they?
What did you learn about the context of the play last lesson?
What is the mood in this opening scene?
Lesson Objective: Explore the characters & mood of the opening scene.
Dramatic Irony
what reveals that he is a social climber?
What dramatic technique does Preistley use to make him look foolish, & why?
H/W for next thurs 24th .Create your own dramatic irony sketch - written in play form with stage directions.
How is he partly responsible for Eva's death?
Capitalism Socialism
How do the stage directions capture her emotions?
What do you think of when you hear these words?
Government owns businesses.

people more equal - education, money & opportunities

classless society
individual rich bosses own businesses.

Class system

You might get really wealthy, however you might be poor?
L.O Examine the character of Sheila Birling pps 17-24
How do her political/social views differ from her father?
What adjectives best describe her?



H/W - for Thursday. Research what "humanism" is,
& what J.B. Priestley's political views were.
dramatic irony
How has Priestley endeavoured to engage the audience so far? (How act 1 ends & events/characters so far.)
(pps. 32-33) What does the reader learn about the character Mrs Birling, from the way she speaks and behaves in this passage? [10]
Mrs Birling behaves in a ...... manner

Mrs Birling speaks very ......ly

She is a very ........ character
This is evident when she says "....."

This is reflected through the stage directions when it states ......

I support this with the following quote from the text
She speaks/behaves/feels this way because....
Furthermore/In addition to this/Also/Moreover/Finally
in denial, shocked/surprised, ignorant, unaware, oblivious, arrogant, obnoxious, rude, defensive.







Find evidence that reflects the following comments about Mrs Birling's character:
Priestley ends Act 2 this way because...
In what way could today's world benefit from being more Socialist & Humanist
Clever B-A* information...
Priestley wrote this play because...
Priestley ends his Acts this way because...

Priestley enters Inspector Goole at a particular moment because...
Explain how Priestley conveys his political viewpoint to the audience.
How was each character responsible?
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