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Concept Map for the Fall of the Roman Empire

No description

Yugyoung Song

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Concept Map for the Fall of the Roman Empire

Concept Map for Socials
Why the Roman Empire Fell
Collapse of
small businesses
The Empire impossible to defend
The Army couldn't get
to the area in trouble
in time
Decline of Trade
The Empire's coffers were empty
The Empire minted/ Created more coins
In view of
The roads were broken and the Romans couldn't fix it because they were broke
Which prompted
Which had a hand in
The Fall of The Roman Empire
Which entailed
Which provoked
Which required
Precious metals the Empire didn't have
Which impelled
The Empire to make money out of
less precious metals
Which involved
You needed to pay more if you wanted to buy something
Due to
Repeated attacks
by the Barbarians
Some barbarians sought a warmer climate further south
Some barbarians running away from the Huns and wanting to settle in Rome
The Visigoths who were part of the goths from the Barbarian Tribes
Consisting of
Goths, Vandals, Franks, Saxons, and Angles who lived north of the River Danube
They barbarians all tried to cross the Roman frontiers
The Romans couldn't stop them
from invading because there were too many of them
Many of the barbarian tribes settled in Roman territory
The Romans let the barbarian
tribes keep the weapons
The economy just basically failed
The food shortages
Which sowed the seeds for
The Battle of Adrianople
The Visigoths reaching Rome and looting
The Romans lost the battle which proved that the Romans weren't unbeatable
The Romans were weakened and the other armies could defeat them more easily
New religion:

Ruled by Emperors rather
than Government
Contagious Disease
Who will pay?
Economical Impacts
Which incorporated
Which encompassed
High taxes were necessary in order to pay for extra soldiers
The Romans needed more soldiers to stop the invasion
The Romans let the barbarians join the army
Which contrived
On account of
Which kindled
The raising of taxes
Which came at a time when
There was a population decline
The rich people (Patricians) didn't need to pay taxes
Which boosted
The poor had to pay taxes
Some refused to pay
Which influenced
Some poor people revolted/ fought against the empire
which contributed to
A bad idea
Which was
conspired to
By the virtue of
Weak& selfish rulers
In behalf of
No fixed way of choosing emperors
contributed to
Which was the reason for
No way to stop selfish men from fighting for power
Which symbolized
Which included
Successful generals often fought and killed the emperor for power
The Emperors were mostly interested in luxury
Which composed of
By cause of
contributed to
Which brought to pass
The Empire's will get weaker
The army's will was divided
Which compelled
Which meant
The people were divided and not all of them were loyal to Rome
Which amount to
Which impacted
Which signified
The army didn't really want to fight anymore
Which drove
The army was weaker as a whole
Which led to
Which indicated
The Empire was weaker
Leeway for the problems to pile up
Which provided
Which eventually led to
Which resulted in
May have generated
Which induced
Which aided to
In other words,
The emperors wanted to become a ruler of Rome but didn't want to rule it properly
For example,
The rivals for the throne promised more money to the soldiers for their support
Which aroused
the problem
Straining the Empire's treasury (hoard of money)
Which created
Which achieved
Which augmented
Which introduced
Which didn't help
Which was a factor in
The Emperor Diocletian divided up the empire into four parts
Which comprised of
Four different rulers for the Empire, two for the eastern part and two for the western part of the Roman Empire
The Emperor Diocletian thought that it would make the HUGE empire easier to rule
The Emperor Diocletian hoped to prevent civil wars for the throne
Emperor Diocletian also hoped that this division of the Roman Empire easier to defend against the barbarians
Owing to this,
Emperor Diocletian increased the army size from 300,000 to 500,000. Which is 200,000 more!
Which suggested
The Empire needed to pay more money to the soldiers
Which produced
which accommodated
The manpower to fight the Empire's problems were considerably weaker
Which determined
Be that as it may,
It just divided the empire further
Which implied
The Empire was facing the same big problems as before except that this time the empire was divided and couldn't make decisions as fast
Which had an effect on
Which alluded
The empire didn't have enough resources/ money in order to solve the Empire's problems
Which ended in
The empire couldn't solve all it's problems that led to it's downfall
Which generated
Because of
comprised of
As a result,
Thanks to
The Empire was so huge and lots of diseases came from far away to Rome where the Romans didn't know the cure for it
Which advanced
Some Romans afraid and unsure of their loyalty to the Empire
Which brought about
Which represent
Which foretell
Which made
In which
:Arrows that link from node to node directly
The barbarians winning against the Empire
Which added on to
which affected
which perturbed
:Main reasons
The men were needed to farm the land
In order to
Pay the taxes
Which embodied
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