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Investigating the Catering and Hospitality Industry

No description

Alistair Bulloch

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Investigating the Catering and Hospitality Industry

Investigate the Catering and Hospitality Industry Task A You are required to research the catering and hospitality industry in the UK and produce a summary which includes: An introduction to the: Structure,
and size of the industry Differences between Commercial and Public Sectors ? Public : Commercial: Covers businesses where accommodation and catering are the main source of income, (hotels and restaurants) those working in the commercial sector provide food, drink and accommodation to UK residents and overseas visitors Covers hospitality and catering occupations in non-hospitality industries, (hospitals, residential homes, schools and colleges) most of these areas are subsidised , this sector is usually known as the NOT FOR PROFIT SECTOR
explain the importance of the catering and hospitality industry to the UK economy 1 Catering
2 Accommodation
3 Hospitality
Key Influences Media,
Economy, Trends,
Travel Look for 2 Job adverts within the same area : Head Chef, Pastry Chef etc...... Describe the differences
Describe any Legal Requirements
Remember :: One from the Uk and One from Abroad
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