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The Rise of the Nazis

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Dominador Jr. A. Tejada

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Rise of the Nazis

By: Jan Strachan, Ashley Sari,
Frantz Bertumen, Dominador Tejada

The Treaty of Versailles - The Bitter Seed
Birth of the Nazi Party
Munich Beerhall Putsch
Germany signing the Treaty of Versailles meant accepting all the blame for the war
Germany had to sign the treaty
Germany was heavily punished
-Growing fear of communism led to the
creation of right-wing volkisch parties.
Election Success
1933- 1935
The Rise of the Nazis
Surrender all investments to the Allied Powers
pay war reparation
give up rich coal mines in the Saar Basin
reduce their military force dramatically
obey the order to not join an alliance with anyone
-German Workers' Party (DAP)
-1919 ex-army corporal Adolf Hitler joined the
Adolf Hitler
-Was a genius at public speaking
-Was able to express the anger, fear, and biterness that the Germans felt about the events happening in Germany.
-Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party in July 1921
-February 1920 The DAP changed its name to the German National Socialist Workers' Party or the Nazi Party.
-Hitler hated the democratic parties of the Reichstag (Parliament)
POP Quiz
Name one condition from the Treaty of Versailles.
-Hitler made a 25-point programme that attracted attention and support of the working men
-The Commissioner of State, General and Colonel of Germany were having a meeting at a beerhall on the edge of Munich
-Hitler wanted to make these army powers join the Nazi Party
-The Nazis tried to persaude them to join in an uprising against the national government.
-The coup failed when the police and the army stayed loyal to the national government.
-After Hitler's release, the Nazis' new strategy was to win seats in the Reichstag.
The Appeal of the Nazis
- the Nazis promoted propaganda that attacked the Republics
-Hitler claimed to have interest in all classes of German society
-He promised to end the Treaty of Versailles for the vote of Nationalists
-Hitler made speeches, rallies and marches that drew many supporters
The Reichstag Fire
February 27, 1933
-the communists were blamed for the fire

-the next day, the government was given the power to control public meetings and newspapers and arrest whoever they wanted

-the communists were declared enemies of the state
Economic Recovery
-over 6 million people were unemployed
- the government was practically bankrupt
- industrial production decreased dramatically
- Nazis invested in public schemes
Background Information
- Autobahn project built 7000km of highways.
-Military conscription in 1935 helped to create jobs.
- The government kept inflation down by controlling wages and prices.
-Business confidence was promoted by government subsidies.
-By autumn 1935, unemployment fell to 1.7 million.
Rearmament and the Four Year Plan
- The plan was to make Germany less dependent on imports by increasing industrial and agricultural production.
-Germany would be ready for war in four years.
German Aggression & the Outbreak of War
-March 1936 the Rhineland was remilitarized.
-Policy of Appeasement 1937
-March 12, 1938 Invasion of Austria
-1938 Czechoslovakia and the Munich Agreement.
-1939 Invasion of Poland
-September 1930 The Nazi's won 107 out of 600 seats in the Reichstag.
-January 30,1933 Hitler becomes chancellor
The Lord Of The Flies
-Hitler was arrested and sentenced years in prison for high treason.
-March 5, 1933 - The Nazis won 288 seats in the election and formed the majority

-March 23, 1933- The Enabling Bill was discussed. The government was given the power to pass laws without consulting the Reichstag.
What is the name of this symbol?
POP Quiz
__________ allowed Hitler and the Nazis to violate the Treaty of Versailles.
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