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IT Division in Organization

No description

Waqas Kidwai

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of IT Division in Organization

IT Division in Organization: Its Role in Growth of Business & Approach to convert it from Cost Center to Profit Center
Presented By: Waqas Kidwai & Faysal Waheed
Overview of Presentation
Role of IT Division
in Organization
How IT is Contributing
in Business Growth
Cost Center & Profit Center
Conversion from Cost
Center to Profit Center
Role of IT Division in Organization
- Data Management

- Computer Networking

- Database Systems Design

- Software design

- Management Information Systems

- Systems management
All these tasks have only one purpose: to serve and support the business of an organization or company
Information technology can be an effective way to make your company more productive and profitable
The Question is How to you do this ??
Lets take a look.....
- Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)
- Supply chain management
- Customer relationship management
- Web 2.0
- Social networking systems
- Database management
The best way to improve your business performance is to examine internal processes that are managed separately and find a way of bringing them together into a single management system
Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) : It enables companies to break down traditional business silos, replacing them with tightly integrated structures that encompass internal processes, human resources, technology and organization strategy
Supply chain management: Supply chain software helps you automate your processes and track information about orders and deliveries. This helps you forecast supply and demand more accurately and ensure that your inventory can cover client orders
CRM: Benefits include an improved ability to anticipate clients' needs based on historic trends, targeted marketing that reaches specific audiences and increased sales through better client relationships
Web 2.0 is a term used to describe a whole array of interactive web technologies, including networking, blogs, podcasts and online social networks. Businesses can tap into these technologies to communicate with customers and partners or to collaborate internally
Social networking systems: These can be set up internally to enable employees to exchange information, skills and knowledge. Such networks can be used to design, develop and make innovations to your business's products and processes
Database management:
Databases allow information such as customer mailing lists to be managed in a systematic and controlled way - It also helps you process information such as client sales patterns, analyze data in ways that can shed light on a specific aspect of your business such as marketing techniques and spend less time managing your data
All companies, no matter what size, have both cost and profit centers
Cost Center & Profit Center
units such as human resources and purchasing are strictly cost centers
Examples of profit centers would be the manufacturing units that produce products for sale
There are two ways that the IT department could make the switch from cost center to profit center.
Converting from Cost Center to Profit Center
IT department could be allowed to bill other departments for its services at going market rates
IT Department should be allowed the freedom of selling its services to outside customers
Thank You !
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