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Biotechnology in Future

Kinga Wrobel

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Biotechnology

A tiny chip will be injected into someone. If that person have a disease the chip will diagnose it.
The patient suffering from epilepsy will
receive automatic text reminder about
taking his tablets, as it is easy to forget. The virtual hospitals will act like normal ones expect the fact that the help will be given over the internet. so that very sick patients will recieve help without leaving their homes. The Robotic surgeon will replace a real person. A real surgeon will sit behind the screen controling everything. This is a good idea because a robot's hands are much steadier and don't shake like a human surgeon's would. The bionical limbs are the future.They are connected
to the nervous system and act like real limbs.
They can help people with amputated limbs to live
and function notrmaly. HOW BIOTECHNOLOGY WILL AFFECT THE WORLD AROUND US IN FUTURE? Soon all health care will be asda-mized, When you walk into a superstore, you would drop a sample of blood or saliva on a BlackBerry-type device. When you're done shopping for groceries, the store would present you with a printout of your ailments and a bag of personalized medication. That medication would also contain digestible computer chips, which would relay real-time reports on your body's fluctuations. But what exactly is BIOTECHNOLOGY? Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living things in engineering, technology, medicine, and other useful applications. How will BIOTECHNOLOGY change our lives and help us live longer? We will have a better understanding of human DNA and many more diseases that we know now about. Direct elimination of some diseases will improve our lives and live longer. BIOTECHNOLOGY has already helped us to find a cure for dieseases that only a few years ago, people died from.

Some Exaples of future BIOTECHNOLOGY... BIOTECHNOLOGY will always be around us, it is the future, the future where everything will be possible with just a little touch of technology. but what will happen next? Thank You for watching.
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