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Restructuring Writing Brainstorm

All of the ideas that we brainstormed to help develop writing at Meredith Primary School

Ben Gallagher

on 22 October 2010

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Transcript of Restructuring Writing Brainstorm

Restructuring the Writing
and Spelling Program at
Meredith Primary School.
After Play
Writing to occur every day
straight after play.
15 minutes of
focussed spelling.

Students have 10 words each week
A spelling rule focus each week
Students words consist of their own spelling mistakes and words from the spelling rule.
Students complete a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, everyday and follow that with a spelling activity related to their individual words.
Student Buddy Test on Fridays.
Identify Writing Groups of need.
Focus on a group every day with a specific need, be it punctuation, nouns, adjectives, paragraphing etc.
Planning for Writing
Look at the way that we
as teachers are planning
for writing.
See one focus group every day
What topics should we focus on?
NAPLAN style "The Box"?
Creative Writing Books
Blogs and Journals
When a student finishes they can do free creative writing
of their choice whilst they wait for the teacher to become
available for a conference.
An interactive flavour for fast finishers!
What do we want to teach them?
Structure of a lesson
15 minutes of Spelling
10 minutes of Writing Focus
30 minutes of Writing
10 minutes of Sharing
Kids need to know what we expect of
them. Tell them how much they have
to get done. If they don't get the minimum done then they continue until they do get it done.
Push the students that need to extend themselves or can be a bit lazy. Limit better, more confident writers for a challenge and to prevent them from waffling.
New Resources
Make the most of the schools new resouces.
PM writing
iPod and iPod Apps
Use spelling and word building apps
Nintendo DSi
Fun Fridays!!
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo Wii
Diary Room Video Blogs
Developmental / Inquiry
Based Activities
Structure and Aspects in Writing Sessions
Use this integrated time to teach text types such as reports and procedural texts.
Text Types
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