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Who am I

No description

Alden McDonald

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Who am I

Home life (Family)

Plans to achieve goals
Future Goals
Interesting facts about me
The way I plan to achieve my goals is to have go to college get
a degree and find a good career. I have many options.
I would like to Teach.
I would like to be a dancer/ dance teacher.
I would like to be an interior designer.
I live with my mom.
pets are family too so mine are:
Little Joe
I have three colleges I would like to attended. They depend on my career
I would like to attended VSU, FSU, or UGA.
I would like to get married.
I would like to have 2-3 kids (boys, Luke and Bryan. I would like girls to)
I want to live in Quitman Ga
I plan to have a beach house at SGI and I also plan to have a lake house

I'm very good at science
I can dance
I'm a good photographer
I'm very good at designing
I am very good at spending money
by:Alden McDonald
This prezi will include everything that you would like to know. including:
birthday/birth place
home life
future goals
career aspirations
Who am I?
I was born in Thomasville G.A.

I was born at Archibald hospital.
I have many hobbies such as dancing,,art,photography,tennis,shopping,hunting,and fishing.
what pointe looks like
Turkeys &deer I like to kill and eat them
I like to play tennis
science is my favorite subject.
I love to dance.
I use this sketch book to design.
Money is the easiest thing to spend.
I was born here.
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