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Propaganda Techniques

It about the propaganda techniques.

Bianca Acuna

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Propaganda Techniques

Propaganda Techniques Name Calling This advertisement is using name calling. It because it pulling down other products and the way I use it is to use negative words like old and ugly and that this product is better than other products. This goal of this advertisement is to sell this rich car. The propaganda technique that they use is Snob Appeal because they want you to sell this car to feel rich and confidence. Also to flatter yourself. Snob Appeal This advertisement is selling the Tide Simple Pleasures product. This advertisement is trying to tell how this product will let your clothes like. I used the loaded words by using positive words to tell how the clothes will smell like and used carefully. Loaded Words Bandwagon Plain Folk what is a Propaganda? A propaganda are different techniques that use influnce opinions like behaivors or emotions and to benifit the sponsor to make money or to sell it to customers. This adversitement is trying to sell the sandwish because it good and to trust that Barrack Obama is like us. I used the Plain folk propaganda technique. I used it by putting a picture of Barrack Obama that he is like us that we should trust him. This adverstisement is trying to sell you this gelato that the people are eating
by telling you to join to eat the gelato. The propaganda technique that I used is bandwagon.
The way I used it to text on it by telling by join because it convince you to join and be cool or to join
not feel lonely. What is a Propaganda? A propaganda are different techniques that are used to express
their opinions or emotions. Also to presuade you to buy the product and use it make money.
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