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No description

Mina Rohani

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Farsi

Farsi is spoken natively in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Bahrain, Azerbaijan and countries which historically came under Persian influence. There are currently more than 60 million native Farsi speakers, with a total of 110 million speakers around the world.

In Canada, there are 121 thousand people who speak Farsi. In Vancouver alone, there are 40 thousand people who speak Farsi. How Many People Speak it? Persian is a pluricentric language, which means there are several standard versions of the language, both in spoken and in written forms. Its grammar is similar to that of many contemporary European languages. Farsi is written in a modified version of Arabic known as "Perso-Arabic script." It is written in the opposite way of English: Words are written from the right side of the page to the left. What Kind of Language is it? Farsi and French Farsi Numbers Where is Farsi Spoken? Farsi کادو Basic Phrases: Hi = Salam

How are you? = Shoma chetur hastin?

I’m fine, thanks. = Man khoobam,
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