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The Calculus Contoversy

No description

Ahmed El-kashif

on 31 December 2013

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Transcript of The Calculus Contoversy

The Calculus Controversy
The Birth of Calculus .. These are the guys to blame
Leibniz VS Newton
Contribution of Both Scientists
Sir Isaac Newton
Laws of motion.
Universal Gravitaion.
Origin of colors and spectrum.
Emperical law of cooling.
Binomial theorem.
Invention of Calculus.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Binary system
Theory of Everything
Metaphysical theory of dynamism
Invention of Calculus
Newton's Calculus
Developed Calculus as a method of solving problems in physics.
He called it Fluxions.
He used geometrical proofs.
Leibniz Calculus
Found area under a curve y=f(x)
Invented systematic notations
ie the tall S summa
and d differentia.
Published books on differential and
integral calculus in 1686.
The beginning of controversy
Newton didn't publish his work.
Leibniz correspondence with Newton.
Leibniz accused of plagiarsim for the first time by de Dullier.
The Uprising
In 1704 Newton stated that Leibniz may had copied his work.
Leibniz criticized Newton's work.
The Committee
A committee of 11 bright scientists from the Royal Society of England were chosen to look into the case.
Newton was the president of the Royal Society at that time.

The End of Controversy
The Royal Society decided that:
Newton was the soul inventor of Calculus.
Leibniz was innocent of plagiarism.
The whole world remembered Newton and forgot Leibniz.
Leibniz was discredited from his work.
However whole Europe completed calculus from where Leibniz had ended.
Nowadays it's known that both scientists founded calculus independently and from two different approaches.
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