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Copy of Northwind

No description

Kate Wright

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Northwind

School of the Future

Past Years
This Year
We ...
Design Thinking
: We split our club into many different subgroups: Architecture, Athletics, Information/Technology, Energy, and Academics. The Architecture subgroup was so broad that we actually split it into 3 parts: design, materials, and safety!
: We spent lots of our meetings brainstorming about how we wanted our school to be.
Made Prototypes
: Each subgroup was required to put together a PowerPoint presentation that showed that team's priorities and ideas. Also, we made paper shapes that were to scale to try to create a model.
: Once every group had finished their PowerPoints, we showed them to each other and to Mr. McCracken, who gave us lots of feedback. Another test is, of course, our presentation today!
Mr. McCracken is an architect that has worked with us for many years. He has been a big help and we just want to say thanks!

2011 ~ STEM Lighthouse District Grant from the State of Washington
Context vs. Content
2011-2012 ~ STEM-Based 7th grade curriculum
Global Science: Problems in the Village (Hunger, Cancer, Genetics, Disease, and the Environment)
STEM-Based 8th grade curriculum Energy, Sustainable Environments, Living on Mt. Endeavor
2012-2013- Regional winners!
We have lots of last year's seventh graders, now eighth graders, that have come back again to STEM this year!
By Northwood Middle School STEM Club

There are three main things that we are using as energy: wind turbines, solar panels and PavGen tiles.
We plan to mount three wind turbines on the roof of our school.
We are going to use light shelves on the windows. Since the light shelves are reflecting light, we figured we might as well use that light. Thus, we are putting solar panels on the light shelves.
Physical Design
There will also be intriguing artistic sculptures located in and around our school...
One of the sculptures that we wish to put in our school is from the book, Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It is a flat, unblemished rock with a tube of water over it. There will be a continuous stream of water coming out of the pipe. Eventually, it will create an indent in the rock. This shows that, like the water, we can accomplish anything, like putting an indent in the rock with enough time and effort! Another idea was a representation of the world that we could climb on. It would represent the impact that we have on the world!
This is a picture of the bike path that's near our school. It can be used for running and biking.
: We met with the MEAD superintendent, Dr. Tom Rockefeller, his assistant, Ken Russell, an architect, Greg McCracken, the associate Executive Director of Technologies, Matt Miller, a mechanical engineer, Jess Stauffenberg, and the principal of Northwood, Dave Stenerson. Also, we went on field trips to Mountainside Middle School, HiRel Labs and Whitworth University.

Some of the sports that we want to do are:
track, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, dance, football, cross country, biking, and cross country skiing.
P.E. will be very friendly to everyone and all DLC kids will get to participate with all of the other kids.
All students will have tablets
They save money
The Tablets will have notes, textbooks and reading books
Tablets will provide internet connection and have educational apps
All students would have ID cards
Cards will have GPS, open lockers and act like a credit card for lunch money
Seventh Grade
3 teams
Get to know one another
Eighth Grade
Class choices
Must take science, math, English and social studies
PavGen tiles...
Collect kinetic energy when walked on
80% recycled materials
Generate 8 watts for each step
Will be on the roof and in the halls of Northwind
Northwind has...
Large halls
Easily accessible exits
Electronic locks controlled by the main office
Separate public and student entrances
Some of the Materials...
FiberForce wood, made of recycled materials
PavGen (see Energy)
Artificial turf on the roof which will cost about $217,460.
Reuse concrete in old school by grinding it up
Sell back wires and pipes
Sell old furniture
Sell extra windmill energy to the community

HiRel Labs
Greg McCracken
Northwind is...
"X" shaped
Has artificial turf on its accessible roof
An awning on the side
Walls lining the sides of the roof
Light shelves with solar panels
Garden on the Roof
Since our roof is easily accessible, we plan to place a greenhouse on it. In the greenhouse, we will grow food that can be used in the cafeteria.
Greenhouse location
Sketchup of Northwind

By Edward Liu
At Northwood, we currently teach Flight and Space and Science of Technology. In Northwind, we would have more STEM based classes through project lead the way, such as Medical Detectives in our electrophoresis unit.
We will also have special education class, for the kids that will go to Northwind who have trouble learning. There will be large classroom space, a kitchen, bathroom, an escalation containment chamber, separate student rooms, and physical therapy. We want this class to be interactive for the kids who will attend the classes.
But as for the solar panels...
Changing Classes
The community would use the building for...
the stage
the sports fields
excess energy
the indoor gym
the classrooms for life skills classes
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