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The Wagner Matinee

No description

Linh Chu

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The Wagner Matinee

By: Willa Cather Important Factors of
A Wagner Matineé Quantities of Realism
& Activity Types of Realism Seen in
A Wagner Matineé Qualities of Realism A Wagner Matineé Activity Summary of A Wagner Matineé Themes Symbols Background of Willa Cather Background of
A Wagner Matineé Born in rural Virginia, first of seven children
First book was titled April Twilights
Sarah Orne Jewett, a Maine writer, told Cather
to write about the moral values of hardworking immigrant families.
One of Ours (1922) won her the Pulitzer Prize
Cather's creative visions were rooted in the
realities of the nineteenth century Clark: One's passion and love for something can overcome
difficult circumstances.

The accomplishment of a dream comes with many
acts of sacrifice.

One who depends too much will never learn to be
self-sufficient. Music:
This symbolizes how something common throughout everyone's life can mean so much to one person living an unhappy life. Music symbolizes what one can call the epitome of their joy. The narrator, Clark, has received a letter from his uncle stating that Clark's aunt, Aunt Georgiana, will be coming to the city after 30 years of being on the farm and for Clark to take care of her while she is there. Clark is very fond of his aunt so he wants to show her a good time at the city. He then decides that it's best to take Aunt Georgiana to a Wagner Matinee because she was trained in music when
she was younger. Realism of content
Moral Realism The point of views in society of how the world
was or how it is.

Examples that can be related to modern life.

Lessons and themes that can also be related to
normal life. For this activity, we will show you songs that will remind you of something or trigger an emotion
Remember what you are your emotion and we will ask around for those who are willing to share what they feel.
Then we explain what each song is suppose to trigger what emotion. A Wagner Matinée Presented by: Marco Armenta
Linh Chu
Amanda Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen
Christina Pham
Lesa Tran
Pedro Villanueva Background of a Wagner Matineé Written by Willa Cather
Many stories written on the set of Nebraska frontier
Cather believed that midwestern farm life fostered important values
Music is a recurring element
Title refers to Richard Wagner, an outstanding composer
Matineé is an afternoon performance of a play or concert Characters & Character Traits Literary Focus Specific Realism in A Wagner Matineé After the matineé had ended, Aunt Georgiana did
not want to leave because it had brought back
so many fond memories of when she was younger. Through music, it showed her how good life was,
and the matineé was a reminiscence of her life.
However, now that it's over, she is force
to return to her unpleasant life. Georgiana
Carpenter: Clark's aunt, music teacher during her youth,
goes through hardship back in Nebraska, truly
passionate about the art of music and is uplifted
by its moving melodies Narrator, a young man, thoughtful for taking his Aunt Georgiana to the Wagner Matineé Setting is the time and location in which a story takes place. In Cather's works, setting plays a key role.

In this short story, the two settings are rural Nebraska and Boston. Howard
Carpenter: Clark's uncle, lives on a farm with
Georgiana in Nebraska and is quite poor In this activity, students will be able to listen to music and reminisce on their childhood where happy memories had taken place. They will guess the song and if they are correct, there will be a small prize.
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