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end of digital marketing as we know it

A New game

Guillaume Van der Stighelen

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of end of digital marketing as we know it

It used to be so good Marketing you would pick a target

Evaluate your position

Decide on the strategy

Choose the right means



Wait and hope

Evaluate the result

Have a couple of meetings

Debate the new position

Adapt the strategy

And when you fail

get a new agency

Today it becomes a different game

Your target is a living human being

They will only
if you're worth it

They'll respond

They'll expect you to respond
to their response

With power and conviction

They'll want you
to be clear about
what you do

You'll need some flexibilty

And when you fail

You fight back Are we ready to take the consumer as an active player in the game? the end of
digital advertising as we know it Like a real human being Not with fake humility But
rewarding Today, digital marketing is just adapting the rules of old school marketing online. Same tricks, cheaper, worse executed with even less ideas. The audience is not running away from traditional media because of advertising. the audience is running away from bad advertising Now bad advertising found it's way to the net. Consumer and producer grew apart. Now we have the means to get closer again. Shall we? is your brand the hero of a consumer story? Is that story worth telling and easy to remember? It is not about the story you tell to consumers It is about the story you give them to tell each other Make your brand the hero of that story. Are you able to do something nobody else can or wants to? What is your contribution to a better world? Good Luck. guillaume@duvalguillaume.com
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