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Japanese Weddings, Invented Tradition?

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Patricia Jancso

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Japanese Weddings, Invented Tradition?

Japanese Weddings,
Are they religious?

Oldest Known "Traditional" Weddings
Father Authority
Bride Stealing (Yome-Katagi)
If the parents of the Bride was not wealthy
Most of the times a go-between arranged it and they assumed full responsibility for the marriage
Always ended with a celebration with the two families

Buddhist Weddings
Nowadays very few people choose to have a Buddhist wedding
vow to the Buddha followed by the wedding procession
water ritually purified by the officiating priest
Juzu, or Buddhist rosary, is usually given to the couple
Shinto Weddings,
Invented tradition?
They are considered the "Traditional" wedding in Japan
Held in shrines
Kami of the Great Shrine of Izumo
Considered the god of Marriage
san-san-kudo (3-3-9)
3 cups 3 sips of sake
3 is a happy nuber (representing heaven earth and humanity)
Contemporary Japan's weddings are considered non religious, altough it honors Shinto and Western religious weddings.
It mixes its own " Invented" Traditions and other cultures' traditions.
Shinto Wedding Gowns
Groom's Kimono is simple but different than audience
The Bride wears Kimono that is layered and colorful and outstanding
Brides Makeup and hair is traditional
White makeup with red lips
Hair is large and with accessories
Takes a long time to prepare
Very specific
Contemporary White weddings
Hotel Weddings and Taveling
Western Style Dresses
Popular "White" wedding ceremonies and receptions
Movies, TV-shows influence
"Christian" ceremony

White Weddigng cake
Reception western style
Fake Priests from Europe or America
"Faker is Better"
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