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Charles Keiger

No description

Cassie Stephens

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Charles Keiger

Charles Keiger
What Charles Says
"What I enjoy about painting pictures is the ability to create a world never before seen, a place with it's own rules, values and characters."
"The Objects in my Paints are Real..."
But Charles likes to combine them in such a way to make a viewer stop and say, "What is going on here?"

Why might he create paintings like that?
An Artist's Studio
Is where an artist is inspired and where he creates. What do you think of Charles' art studio?
Look at the World in a Different Way
This is what Charles challenges the viewer to do when they see his paintings.

If you could interview Charles and ask him questions about his life as an artist or his paintings, what might you want to know?

What comments or compliments might you like to give Charles about his work?
A Style that is Real but Not Real
Do you recall what that style of paintings is called?

Last year, we learned about the artist Rene Magritte who painted images that looked realistic. However, the images themselves couldn't have possibly been real.

What is surrealistic about this painting by Charles Keiger?
Charles Keiger
contemporary Artist

is a contemporary artist. That means he's currently creating art and selling his work. Let's take a look at some of his paintings.
This one is titled The Celebration. What do you see, think or wonder?
This painting by Charles is titled "Back to Work."

Who do you think this character is? What do you think his job might be? What clues does Charles give you to bring you to those ideas?

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