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Charlotte and Olivia

Charlotte Saxton & Olivia Brindle

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Charlotte and Olivia

Colonial History
Pennsylvania's major industry is Agriculture (ex.) wheat, corn ,cattle and dairy) and manufacturing textiles, paper and ships. The colony was named after William Penn. Penn created a form of government that consisted of a governor, council, and house of delegates. Penn believed that every man with good morals and believed in Christ should be a freeman. He wanted everyone to follow God that he persuaded everyone who didn't to attend a religious worship. (www.celebrateboston.com)
People in the Colony
Colonial History
Reasons Founded
William Penn founded Pennsylvania to achieve religious freedom, Provide a safe place for Quakers, Make money because of a dept he owed to his father.
Pennsylvania was founded in 1681. Penn later left his new land in 1684 for England. He later returns in 1701 and creates a constitution a swell as governors, provincial council (Judges), and assembly (Laws). In 1718 Penn dies and Hannah Penn takes over Pennsylvania.
Types of Economy
*Natural resources

Types of Religion
When William Penn founded Pennsylvania, Christianity was the only practiced religion.
Why you should settle in Pennsylvania
*To practice religion
*For its agriculture
*Hunting preserve
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