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Copy of Project Presentation ( Android Game App )

No description

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Project Presentation ( Android Game App )

"Winnie The Fruit"
Android Game App
Project Context
Android is an open-source platform developed under the Open Handset Alliance to enable faster development of mobile applications and provision of services to the user. The Google Android operating system is growing more and more popular with each passing month and there are a wide range of Android smartphones now available.
develop an android game that will entertain and hook everyone
make an achievement for the developers
enhance knowledge and skills
inspired by playing games in different hand held devices.
choose android for the reason that is trending.
Purpose and Description
to develop an open-ended game application for mobile phones.
to provide an addictive experience that will enhance the logical and critical thinking of its users.
to maximize the use mobile phones using android technology.
to make use of the network connection of mobile platforms in two-player game application.
open-ended game
high scores
multiplayer ( two-player only with seperate devices)
no online scores
Scope and Limitations
The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.
Development Tools
The game is fairly simple because you just need to bounce the fruits toward the basket. It has no complicated gameplay and mechanic.
Eclipse is a multi-language software development environment comprising an integrated development environment (IDE) and an extensible plug-in system. It is written mostly in Java.
Adobe Photoshop is an image creation software as well as an editor.
Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity.
Android Smartphones with working Bluetooth connection.
Expected Output
Menu screen
Gameplay Screen
The game is user friendly because anyone can play it even those who are new in this kind of gameplay and those who is used to it. The game will provide tutorials at the start of the game.
User Friendly?
Singleplayer mode - it is a competitive game because it's based on the high score. the player will always try to beat his/her high score over and over again.
Multiplayer mode - the most competitive aspect of the game is the 1 versus 1 multi player mode. two players will try to beat each others high score
The game is addictive because it has no end or open ended. The game won't just end because your high score will keep on getting higher and higher.
A large potential audience for Android games and a genuine hunger for some quality releases in the Android Market make Android game development a very attractive prospect.
the Fruit?
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