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Design Basics Assignment

The true basics of design.

Tom Loughlin

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Design Basics Assignment


Picture Window
Information is most important.
Uses panels of equal size to tell a story.
Copy Heavy
Text wrapped around an open image which usually doesn't have a backround.
Dividing the space into different size rectangles.
Product Alone
Shows how a product is used.
Variety of elements used.
Shows the product by itself emphasizing physical characteristics.
The main image is dominant.
Type Specimen
Enlarged typeface is dominant.
Shows the product in a natrual or articial enviornment.
This picture has great symmetry by how the hands are roughly symmetrical and how the backround is mostly symmetrical.
This picture has weight in the red hat and shirt near the bottom. It emphasizes the person at the bottom and draws your attention towards it.
This Russell Crowe biography shows placement in that Russell is not directly in the center of the book cover but instead on the right hand side with a complete black backround making him pop out.
This picture has good proportion by how I can tell that the person on the left is behind the other person by how they are smaller by about 50%.
I like how much emphasis is in this picture. It has a lot of color and gets my attention quickly.
This has good unity by how there is emphasis on the "Terry" and by how their is balance in the name being mostly centered. There is also balance in that there are planes on both sides of the ad.
I like how the lines on the road make it look like the car will be going forever.
I like how many different geometric shapes are in this picture. There are a lot of rectangles and a lot of triangles.
This picture draws my attention in with the vivid color choices used. If I were to see this ad at a distance I would have to come up and look at it mainly because of the bright color choices drawing me in.
I like the texture in Steve Jobs' beard by how it makes his products seem more rugged by how he appears to be tough and strong due to his beard.
I enjoy how the backround is all white which makes me focus on the car and the car alone.
I like how the dog takes up most of the frame so that it makes it look bigger.
Product Alone
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