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Multimodal Preliminary Essay

No description

Daniel Jones

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Multimodal Preliminary Essay

Multimodal Preliminary Essay

Composition Interests
The types of composition I enjoy consuming the most are websites, podcasts, movies/television, and music. The bases upon which I absorb most of this material is for entertainment and information. I usually read websites when I am eating alone, walking around, or relaxing in a down moment. I like to listen to podcasts or music when I am exercising or driving around. I also take great pleasure in watching movies and TV in my free time, mostly as evening entertainment.
The website I gravitate the most is the sports hub Bleacher Report, along with countless others that also supply quality articles and news regarding the world of sports. When it comes to podcasts my fixation is similarly sports dominant. The podcasts I listen to include the _Bengals Beat Podcast_ which discusses my favorite NFL franchise; the _Locked On Celtics_ podcast which covers my favorite NBA team; the _Fantasy Footballers Podcast_ for my fix on one of my favorite hobbies; along with several others concentrating on the sports realm. I also enjoy music quite much, with my favorite genres being Hip Hop/Rap and Jazz. As for movies, I love all types of film but my favorite genre is Thriller. Some of my favorite films include _Memento_, _Scarface_, and _Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl_. I likewise appreciate TV, with some of my favorite shows being _The Fresh Prince of Bel Air_, _Entourage_, and _SportsCenter_.
Topics and Issues of Interest
As evidenced by my previous slide, the topic that interests me the most is far and away sports. I've played almost every sport available to me in my home state of Alaska over the course of my life, and they are my passion. My infatuation is not simply with the playing of sports, but with watching them, watching shows about them, listening to broadcasts about them, reading about them, discussing them, analyzing them, and cheering them. I aspire to work in sports business after graduating from the University of Washington so that I can apply my passion and enthusiasm to my career, and therefore always be interested in my work.
Genetic Diseases are an important issue I am interested in, specifically with Tay-Sachs Disease. My older sister passed away from Tay-Sachs disease in 2001 at the age of five, and my family and I have volunteered for and donated to the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association (NTSAD) ever since. Also, the issue of poverty is something that really reaches me emotionally from observing its prevalence and hardship around my city and schools growing up.
Class Goals
More broadly, I hope to learn a set of skills in this class that allows me to effectively utilize multimodality in order to best express myself. I also want to become more familiar with the issues and topics within the sociopolitical arena today. Furthermore, I wish to speak on what I am passionate about and hopefully discover an additional passion in the process of the class.
Past Writing Experience
If I had to sum up my past writing experiences in a word, I would say inconsistent. When I say this I mean that there have been times in the past where I have been able to write easily and effectively, accompanied by times where I have struggled to write less quality pieces. I have gone from writing a paper that receives high marks and great feedback from my teacher only to follow it up with an apparent step backward on the next one. This has led to a frustrating relationship with writing for me. From my experience, I believe the key factor that separates these two outcomes is the writing's subject matter.
When the subject matter is a topic or piece that I find interesting, I find it much easier to express myself effectively through writing. When I am not able to become engaged with the subject matter is when some of my biggest challenges have arisen. These challenges have included struggling to produce ideas, or writer's block per se, and organization and sentence structure. The writer's block issue is one that I would directly attribute to my theory on subject matter's role, whereas the organization and structure problem is more of a constant challenge regardless of topic.
My Life Journey,
so Far
By Daniel Jones
My concrete, measurable, and achievable goals for this class are:
To go to office hours
To earn all 30% of my participation credit
To earn a grade of 3.5 or better
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