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Erosion and deposition

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tyler weddle

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Erosion and deposition

Erosion and deposition
Positive and Negative effects of erosion.
Positive- A positive effect of soil erosion is that new soil will get scattered over dead soil and moisturize it.

Negative- A negative effect of soil erosion is that when soil gets eroded it strips the land of that soil, and can make that land bad for farming or vegetation.
Positive and Negative effects of deposition.
Positive- A positive effect of deposition is that it creates new land. Bits of eroded soil and/or rock get washed up somewhere and start piling up and forming new land.

Negative- A negative effect of deposition is that it takes away new land. In order for that new land to form, it has to erode away from somewhere else. Also, soil deposition causes acid rain.
Erosion is the moving of sediment or soil by an outside force. It can happen by wind, water, or glaciers. Soil erosion is bad for the environment because it removes topsoil which makes it hard for plants to grow. Plants cover soil to protect it from erosion, but when the plants get removed, there's nothing to protect the soil.
This article is talking about the aluminium depletion in soil due to erosion. The aluminium in soil was what reduced the acidic levels in soil, and with that depleting we will see less acid neutralization.
What causes land to erode?
The link above will take you to a New York Times website which has an entry on erosion. Basically the story is talking about the eroding beaches in Hawaii. Over the last century 14 miles of the beach has eroded. Scientists want to retreat all buildings and cities further in to the mainland, and away from beaches.
Land can be eroded by many different things. Water erodes land by carrying it away while it drains down a hill. Wind erodes land by carrying tiny pieces of sediment to new places. Glaciers erode land by moving through valleys and getting dirt caught up inside it. Humans can erode land by clearing out vegetation, which protects the soil from erosion.
Deposition is what happens when eroded soil or sediments pile up in one area, and add to the land or make a hill. Eventually they can pile up and create a drastic change to the environment.
Plants and vegetation protect soil from erosion. They cover the topsoil. If topsoil is uncovered it gets eroded which makes it hard for plants to grow. We need to plant plants and stop cutting down and clearing vegetation.
Soil erosion and deposition are bad for the environment
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