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French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, Scientific revolution.

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jami pierce

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, Scientific revolution.

Homework Geocentric Theory * Polish Scholar, Nicholas Coppernicus ( 1473-1543)
* Gus goals were to affirm and perfect the old views of the church approved (normal) geocentric views of the universe, in which instilled the idea that the Sun, planets, and stars circled the Earth, that was concidered the center. Geocentric Theory Cont. *In the end, and after all of his life's research, he disproved the theory he was trying to prove.
* Shortly before his death, he published "on the Revolutions of the heavenly Spheres" in 1543.
* In this book, he restated the heliocentric theory. Geocentric theory additional. tycho Brahe and his sister, Sophia, made hundreds of observations that pointed out flaws of the observations for geocentric theories. Heliocentric theory * In 1609 Galileo made a telescope.
*He was considered to be dis-obedient to
the churches original views.
*The court placed him under house arrest and made sure he couldn't spread more of his findings.
*by the 1700's, the heliocentric theory won acceptance in Europe. What is the Semmelweis Reflex? Ignaz Philipp (or creator/contributor) of the Semmelweis Reflex: (information)
1818-65, Hungarian obstetrician, who discovered the cause of puerperal infection and pioneered the use of antiseptics Semmelweis Reflex Cont. Semmelweis Reflex definition:
The "knee jerk" reaction of a new idea
because it's unfamiliar. Example: A great example of the Semmelweis Reflex would be when Coppernicus and Gallileo discovered that the churches Ideas, (in the helio and Geocentric theory) were in fact, incorrect. The people did not want to believe that the "norm" that they had come to know, was wrong. Because the idea, that the Earth was not the center like the high churchmen had believed. The people believed that the Earth was the center because People and planets were made in Gods image, and placed in the center. People rejected this because they could not face the non-normal developments in societies. French Revolution -Moderate phase of the Revolution- *TO show the principles of the French Revolution,
the Assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of man and Citizen on August 26.
*Everything became better for the people. The taxes and the property were all claimable. All (men) Citizens were thought of as equal. Some causes of the French Revolution *Internal Struggle
*Political Conflict
*Bad ruler: Louis XVI Why was Marie Antoinette Murdered? There are many reasons that Marie Antoinette
was murdered. One of the reasons, is because she was just a young girl. She was not mature enough to act the part of the queen.
Another reason that Marie Antoinette was murdered, was because she was not really from France. If I believe correctly, Marie Antoinette was born in Austria. This made her be considered an outsider and not worthy of royalty.
Another reason Marie Antoinette was murdered, was because she was a wild spender. She had a budget of 3.6 million dollars a year on clothing. She may have looked good, but she was spending tax payers money.
Another reason she was killed, was because her husband King Louis XVI was murdered because it was the end of the monarchy period and her husband was considered to be a bad leader.
Her final days were brutal. Before she was killed, she was mentally tortured. Outside of her apartment, city people held the severed head of her friend and look-alike. They rushed into her apartment and tore her clothing and apartment up.
Overall, the republicans and government officials thought of Marie Antoinette as a parasite and a little girl. They felt that she was not mature enough to rule on her own. She was not good enough for the people.
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