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Jerry Uelsmann

Presentation discussing Jerry uelsmann

Ms. Brennan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann
Born June 11, 1934 in Detroit
Biography Influences Ralph Hattersley
Received his B.F.A. from RIT in 1957
Received his M.S. and M.F.A. from Indiana University in 1960
He began teaching at the University of Florida in Gainesville1960. In 1974 he Uelsmann became a graduate research professor of art. but he's retired now, and lives with his wife but he's retired and lives with his wife Maggie Taylor Uelsmann is currently retired and still living in Gainesville with his wife Maggie Taylor Maggie Taylor is also an artist Uelsmann's Work Early Work Later Work More Recent
Work Untitled, 1976 Untitled, 1975 Untitled, 1972 Untitled, 1991 Free Spirit, 1998 Untitled, 1992 The Committee, 2002 Undiscovered Self, 1999 Shadow Dream, 2004 Untitled, 2003 Minor White
Henry Holmes
Smith DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE? Visit www.uelsmann.com Are They Photo-shopped? Uelsmann works with traditional photography None of his images are photo-shopped He uses multiple enlargers with different negatives His Thoughts “I had become restless with trying to
find an image that satisfied me in camera.” “There’s a lot of source material once you have
the freedom of not having to
complete an image at the camera.” "I am sympathetic to the current digital revolution and excited by the visual options created by the computer. However, I feel my creative process remains intrinsically linked to the alchemy of the darkroom."
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