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The London Eye Mystery Character Analysis- Salim

Find out what Salim from The London Eye Mystery is like personally.

Allie B.

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of The London Eye Mystery Character Analysis- Salim

Important things that Salim has said
When and where? What purpose?
Famous Words
Conflicts(Internal and External)
" The noises I guess. The noises at night. I'd lie on the mattress and hear the wind. Moaning around the tower, up, down, everywhere. Then the patterns and signs started, odd gurgles. Noises I didn't understand. I couldn't place them. Scuttles-creatures scooting across walls? Rats? And flaps of wings- bats or birds? I put my jacket over my head, I buried my ears under my arms, but I could still hear them. Then something landed on my cheek, just a scrape. I sat up and screamed my head off..."
"During the day though, it was OK. I watched the weather. I was close to the clouds. There was this thunderstorm. I saw lightning flickering over London, and these dark sheets of rain moved in, and then the sun came out. I took photos. Buildings and sky. One half of London was dark, and the other light and sunny. The river was in both halves, a thin, silver line, and what divided it was all the Eye, big and white. I took a photo, Kat, the last one on the disposable camera. But also the best one I ever took."
Internal(Man v. Self):
Salim had to battle himself with decisions. His mind was open to two possible ways he could do things. He could go with Marcus back to Manchester, or he could stay with his mother and go to New York. Going back to Manchester is what he really wants. He wants to go back to his friends, and not move away in the middle of the year. If it were you, would you want to be taken away from your home, your friends in the middle of the year?
On the other hand Gloria is really set on taking Salim with her to New York, and Salim does not want to disappoint her. Aunt Gloria is a hard person to say no to, and Salim strongly wants her to be happy more than he wants to stay in his home with Rashid, his father.
Monday, January 12, 2014
By Allie Blount
Physical Description
What Do Other Characters Think of Salim
Other characters in this story seem to think Salim is a nice and smart boy. " I like him, Kat. He's my friend." That is a quote from Ted when asked what he thinks of Salim. Kat likes Salim, she says so many times during the story, but Ted surly understands Salim. They both are complicated thinkers who are sometimes misunderstood.
The London Eye Mystery- Salim
"Salim was tall and thin with jeans on, like his mother. He wore an ordinary backpack and wheeled Aunt Gloria's suitcase on wheels behind him. His skin was brown. Kat keeps saying it was not brown but caramel. She says I should say he was very good looking." Page 19-20. In this quote Ted is describing Salim in his eyes.
We are first introduced to Salim in Chapter 3, at Ted's house. Salim's mom, Gloria, brings him to her sister Faith's house for a few night before the continue moving to New York. Salim really enjoys photography and Ted says that he likes the way Salim looks as if his thought were somewhere else.
What These Quotes Really Mean
In the first quote Salim is talking about the worst part of being locked up in the barracks. He talks about the freaky noises during the night.
External(Man v. Man)

Salim has to battle his mother about going to New York. I think that Gloria tries to decide what is best for her son without consulting him first. Gloria might not know why Salim wants to stay in Manchester. When questioned Gloria argues that Salim would never run away from her. She always shuts down the person who suggests that Salim might not have wanted to go to New York. She absolutely freaked when Rashid told her that Salim asked to come live with him.It almost sees as though Aunt Gloria know that Salim is dreading going to New York, but does not want to face it.
Salim is a really strong character(mentally) and he really showed this by being able to survive in the barracks by himself for nearly 2 days! He talks about some of the things that scared him like the noises and shadows in the night. But really, that's the only thing that bothered him.
In the second quote Salim talks about some of the things he liked about being in the barracks. Since Salim is truly into photography he talks about how cool they sky looks during a thunderstorm from so up high. He mentions exactly how the view was from where he was.
Salim is the boy who everyone respects. His role in the story is the boy who goes up on the London Eye and never comes down. He gets along well with everyone and everyone gets along with him. He gets along especially well with Ted because they both have a special way of thinking outside the box. Even when Salim made his plan with Marcus to leave his mother and go back to Manchester, he thought everything out very carefully, and planned for every possible situation.
One of Salim's decisions include doing the right thing and deciding to go to New York with his mother. This says a lot about him because that is a really hard thing to do. He could have gone back to Manchester with his best friend, Marcus, but he chose not to because he really didn't want to let his family down.
Character Traits
Just the fact that he can find positives in this situation tells us that he is a problem solver and positive person
Respect: Salim possesses the trait of respect. He is very considerate of others feelings. He wanted to make his mom, and Marcus happy so he ends up doing both, but he always thought of others before himself
Responsibility: Salim always seemed prepared for any situation. He doesn't make anything final before making sure it is the best thing to do.
Fairness: Salim was very fair to everyone around him. He didn't blame others for his own actions. He forgave his mother for making him go to New York, he even agrees to go with her even though he really doesn't want to.
Caring: Salim cared about anyone around him. He wanted to make sure his mother was happy, so he decided to go New York.
Negative Character Traits
Salim has a hard time getting his thoughts together
Salim tries to please others instead of doing what he wants
Salim really doesn't have many negative traits because he is such a positive person. He does try to please people, and that can be a bad thing because he should learn to be his own person and have people like him for him. He should not have to rely on pleasing people. He also has a hard time finding his thought, like Ted does, but other than that I can't find a (real) negative trait about Salim.

Your reaction to the Character
My reaction to Salim was that he is a nice boy who tries to always do the right thing. I learned that Salim was under a lot of pressure from his parents, and that caused him to want some time alone, which is understandable. He wanted to live with his dad, who said no, and his mom made him do what she wanted to do. Maybe the fact that his own dad wouldn't take him in might have set him off and he decided to leave everybody.
I just don't want to go to NY!
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