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James Lai

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Speedball


The game was invented by Elmer D. Mitchell in the early 1920s at the University of Michigan which combined elements of sports such as basketball, soccer, football, and handball.
SpeedBall was created to be played in the spring and in the fall.
The sport was created to involve more students, especially those who were not as athletic.
Equipment Used
Speedball is generally played on a basketball court.
The size of the goal should be about 6ft. wide by 3ft. tall.
A soccer ball or volleyball may be used.
: if a field player touches the ball with his/her hands after it touches the ground
: when any player takes steps after coming to a complete stop while the ball is secured in a player's hands
Goalies passing the half-court line.
All penalties result in turning the ball over to the opposing team's goalie!
Fundamental Techniques
Passing( w/ hands and feet)
Dribbling( feet only)
Usually games are played with five players.( four field players and one goalie)
Game starts by having a jump ball in the center of the court.
Field players are allowed to move anywhere on court. Goalies must stay on their side of the court.
Field players may use arms/hands as long as the last thing the ball touches is not the ground.
Players are NOT able to run with the ball but are able to "dribble" the ball once the ball hits the ground.
Rules Cont.
Throwing: When an offensive player throws the ball into the opposing team's goal. (1 point)
Kicking: When an offensive player kicks the ball into the goal. (2 points)
Header: When a offensive player heads the ball into the goal. (3 points)
tackle, push, trip or dive going for the ball or an opponent!

We ARE NOT doctors or nurses!
Once the ball is in a player's hand they are not able to move.(Only can pass, try to score, or drop the ball)
A player can try and kick the ball up to a teammate.
If a player is tagged with the ball in hand, it will result in a turnover to the opposing goalie.
Games are generally played by quarters or to a certain score.
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