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Imperialism in Vietnam

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Desiree Zeigler

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Imperialism in Vietnam

Where is the country?W Vietnam is located North of Gulf of Thailand, South of China, East of South China Sea, West of Loas and Cambodia Imperialism Presentation: Vietnam Tami Chanthorn, Valerie Moua, Isaac Munoz & Desiree Zeigler Surrounded by Laos,
Thailand and China What Country Imperialized Vietnam? French Imperialism
(1887-1940) -1859-1885: Military campaigns
-1887: French won
-Ruled all of Vietnam French Attack in Xinghua "1884 ... Major General Briere de l'Isle first brigade bring the road Shanxi Xinghua up, then arrayed on the Da River . The two sides began fighting from the morning of the full moon in March, to 2 pm that day, the French troops into the district near the river in that realm Real Bat . Nine o'clock in the morning of the 16th, Major General De Negrier bring second brigade followed, the two join forces brigade forward beat. Train troops and forces her to see the proof, went to burn the streets, then put into reverse Xinghua pulled up alongside. As we Hoang Ke Chronic then pull up the mountain, then to the upper paths drawn on the Scriptures. Noon on 17 [1] , the French army in Xinghua. Immediately Major Coronnat bring a more troops invade Golden rumor." -Tran Trong Kim Japanese Occupation -1940: World War II, France lost Indochina Why did the French imperialize Vietnam? Other names it has gone by? What did France get from Vietnam? Annam, Bach Viet, Viet, Van Lang, Au La, Dai Ngu and Da Co Viet, Nam Viet, Van Xuan, Da Nang, Dai Co Viet, and Dai Nam. Cash Crops -tobacco
-rubber History of Vietnam How exactly did French effect the people in Vietnam? Men and women were treated like slaves.
French set up schools in Vietnam, only for French children (not Vietnamese).
Rice shortages = starvation.
Farmers treated like slaves, kept 40% of their crops.
Vietnamese payed high taxes, & were not apart of gov. French also knew how easily Vietnamese could convert to Catholicism through their missionaries. French arrived in Vietnam before they imperialized it, French were there to protect the Catholic community while converting Vietnamese to Catholicism. Since French were already protecting Vietnam.... French basically thought "Why not own it?" Three G's: "Gold, God, and Glory." -Vietnamese attacked Catholic churches.
-Under the rule of Minh Mang, series of persecutions of missionaries.
-Resistant movements were undertaken.
-Basically every wrong action the French took resulted in Vietnamese rebellion. Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945): This dynasty experienced many peasant rebellions. Droughts, floods, epidemics, and famine. Confucian ideaology. The French Influence of Vietnam In the early 1800's, French came to Vietnam while Vietnam was under the Nguyen Dynasty with missionaries, diplomats, traders, and naval personnel. What was the Vietnam like before French imperialism? Before Vietnam was imperialized, the last dynasty under the Chinese Empire in Vietnam was the Nguyen Dynasty. Vietnam was under Chinese rule for 1,000 years. Chinese Rule (111 B.C. - 39 A.D.): (Long story short...) Vietnamese were converted to Catholics, in the beginning of French coming to Vietnam 450,000 Vietnamese were converted to Catholicism. What did the imperialized
people do about it? -Leader: Phan Dinh Phung
-Want to nationalize Vietnam, especially around the time of World War I
-Failed because the French didn't let them Rebellion! Chinese ways of administration, education, law, literature, language, and culture. What happened in the end? Thesis:
Vietnam was once ruled by the Chinese dynasties for over 1,000 years, the last being the Nguyen Dynasty, before becoming imperialized by France, when France took the ownership of Vietnam from the 19th century till early 20th , Vietnam gained new ideas such as technology, modernization, and religion while helping the worlds' economy grow. Vietnam celebrates independence
from France September 2nd
Today, Vietnam... has a population of over
90 million people has a 12% poverty rate Under a current constitution Basic Conclusion:
From French Imperialism, Vietnam
gained a sense of Western development,
which helped them towards the path
of modernization. The End Did Vietnam Ever Gain Independence? How? -Of course!
-League for the Independence of Vietnam by Pac Bo
- Through Viet Minh War, Vietnam gained independence.
- Vietnam was funded by United States, Soviet Union, & Republic of China (to take out the French).

Religions are Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, and Confucianism
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