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Contact Improvisation in the World

No description

Ashley Tobias

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Contact Improvisation in the World

Contact Improvisation in the World
Tribal Mask Dances
In many cultures (Africa and Columbia mentioned in the video then picture) masks are used during a form of native dancing. The mask represents the transformation from a human into an animal. When dressed with a mask, the video shows, it may be hard to see and control the direction of movement. The picture, although they can see, still takes on a specific role and action with the costume.
Meditation is used throughout the world as a form to center ones self and concentrate the relaxation of the soul, body and mind. Meditation is a critical part of Buddhism and traces back to around the 5th or 6th century BCE, found from some religious texts.
Decorah, IA
Luther College Cafeteria
Everyday I see people in the cafeteria doing exactly what we do in class. Students know somewhat of what is going to happen however, ultimately they cannot predict others around them. Students use the negative space to move through the space to each new destination. Also the students when accidentally interacting with others will have to accept what has happened and become comfortable with their encounter. At first is is usually awkward but then they easily move on with their lives and forget about the awkwardness.
This is a prime example during the beginning of lunch where students and faculty around moving around others to complete their goal.
Another example of people relying on others to complete their task and determine how it will be completed.
This instructor of meditation relies on many of the structures that we rely on during CI. For example he begins the whole session by stating we need to keep our spine in line while relaxed at the same time.
This article compiled by Percy Nanayakkara describes many focuses found in CI. An example noted is that there would have been no Buddha if not for experiments. Just as in CI throughout time the dance becomes more effective and productive, the same results that Buddha found. Also it is noted that meditation has lead to medical advances in personal body and soul rejuvenation, just as our guest choreographer found a recovered body through CI.

Western African dances may revolve on the transformation into animals. This dance takes away the sight that humans rely on to become an animal and rely on animal instinct.
The difference from the eyes here and 'normal eyes' is that here there is a different sense of what and eye is. Here the eye is another body part that is used specifically in the dance as an emotion and characteristic of dance.
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