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Creation stories from different cultures..... My science project

No description

Liam Carson

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Creation stories from different cultures..... My science project

Creation stories from
All over the world!
Stories/Myths from Greece, China and NZ.
How does each culture believe the earth was made?
Lets find out...
Starting with...
It all started when...
The universe was a
black egg where
heaven and earth
were mixed together.
And in the egg was the God, Pangu.
Pangu stated to feel suffocated so he broke open the egg.
The nice pieces of egg shell made Heaven and the rotten pieces made earth.
The Heaven and Earth and Pangu all started growing...
and growing untill he stoped growing and lived a normal life with life and death
untill they became the size they are today.
When Pangu died, his breath became the wind and clouds, his voice the rolling thunder, and his eyes the sun and the moon. His hair and beard became the stars in the sky, the flowers and trees from his skin, the marrow in his bones became jade and pearls, and his sweat the good rain that nurtured the Earth
And that is how the Chinese
believe this world was made
Who will we hear from next?
I choose....
In the beginning there was only chaos. Suddenly out of the blue appeared Erebus, the unknowable place where death haunts and night lives.
Out of nowhere came Love, light and day. Once there was light and day mother nature (the earth) appeared called Gaia.
Meanwhile Gaea alone gave birth to Uranus, the heavens. Uranus became Gaia's mate covering her. Together they produced the three ledgondary Cyclopses, the three Hecatoncheries, and twelve Titans.

Uranus was a bad father and husband. He hated the Hecatoncheires. He imprisoned them by pushing them into Gaea's womb.
This angered Gaea, She made a plot to kill her husband.
She got her youngest titan, Kronos to kill him
Kronos stabbed his father in his sleep.
Uranus then became the hills and valles of the earth
Kronos went on with his life and found a wife.
They had a kid one day.
But kronos ate it.
He ate all 11 of there babys over time.
Kronos' wife got mad about this.
His wife gave kronos a rock to
eat instead of their twelth baby and
she secretly raised him and called
him Zeus.
when Zeus was old enough he battled his father
and chopped him into tiny pieces after rescuing his brothers and sisters.
The children became the Gods of the world each ruling different parts.

Goddess of Love and Beauty
God of the Sun and the Music
God of War
Goddess of the Hunt
Goddess of Wisdom and Arts
Goddess of the Harvest
God of Wine
God of the Underworld
God of Metallurgy
Queen of the Gods
God of the Trade
Goddess of the Hearth
God of the Seas
King of Gods and lightning

And this is what the Greeks believe.
Who next?...
The Maori's of course!
Rangi And Papa
In the begging there was darkness. the earth and sky were hugging each other to stay close together.
They had kids that lived inbetween them, In darkness.
One day they caught a glimpse of light.
They wanted more, but the only way was to seperate their parents.
5 of the kids pushed the parents apart while 1 wept that he wanted to stay put.
After days of pushing, the kids finally separated their parents. Rangi became the earth and Papa became the sky.
Each kid was a Maori god of each part of the earth
the rain we have today is Papa crying that she has been seperated from her husband.
The kids of Rangi and papa (Gods)are
>Tane (god of the forests)
• Tangaroa (god of the sea)
• Tu (god of war)
• Rongo (god of crops)
• Haumia (god of wild plants)
• Tawhiri (god of weather)
So as you can see there is a very wide range of
creation stories that are all very different to the
Catholic one we know today
Let me go to my thinking space and choose
Welcome to my
thinking space.
Be very quiet!!!
Now i choose...
Now lets return and i shall
share the story with you.
Thank you for wathing!!!
I will now return to my thinking space to focuse on the rest of the presentations!!
Im home!
Remember to be quiet!
Thank you for watching once again! :)
So as you can see there are some very strange creation stories that different people believe in. Here is a quick summary of all the stories
Chinese Summary
It started with the whole universe Inside a black egg.
Inside the egg was the chinese God, Pangu.
Pangu broke out breaking the egg and the univese escaped
The good egg shell pieces made heaven and the others made earth.
Pangu and the earth grew and grew
When Pangu died, his breath became the wind and clouds, his voice the rolling thunder, and his eyes the sun and the moon. His hair and beard became the stars in the sky, the flowers and trees from his skin, the marrow in his bones became jade and pearls, and his sweat the good rain that nurtured the Earth
In the beggining there was only chaos.
Suddently things began apearing...earth(gaia), Hell(tataurus), love, hate and others
Earth married the heavens and had babies... 12 titans, and 3 hectoncherries and 3 Giants.
The heavens was a bad husband, he hated the hectoncherries and imprissoned them by pushing them into earths womb
This angered earth and earth plotted with one of her titan sons , Kronos to kill the heavens
Kronos killed the heavens but in its final words the heavens said "be warned, a child of yours will over take you and destroy you!
To overcome this, Kronos ate all his childern, this angered his wife
His wife plotted to kill Kronos so when they had their 13th baby his wife gave him a rock to eat instead, and raised her baby, Zeus.
When Zeus was old enough he Battled his father and won, he rescued all his brothers and sisters and cut up his father into tiny peices.
Each of the kids became gods and created and rulled different parts of the earth.
Maori summary

In the beggining the earth and sky were combined, hugging eachother.
They had kids that lived in their darkness
One day, the kids got a glimpse of sunlight
They wanted more, but how?
The kids decided to push their parents apart, except one, who cried he didn't want to leave his father.
After days of pushing them apart they finally got them to stay apart
Each of the children became rulers of each part of the earth.
That is how the maori people traditionally believe the earth was made
Thank you for watching! :)
Bibliography- wikipedia
Yahoo answers
last years greek presentation i made
Thanks for watching!!
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