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There is Nothing New About Sociomateriality

No description

Faye Cheng

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of There is Nothing New About Sociomateriality

Streams of Research on Technology and Organizations Sociomateriality as "Constitutive Entanglement" "There is nothing new about Sociomateriality" Publications of Technology Articles in Top Management Journals (1997-2006) Technology is treated as a specific, relatively distinct entity that interacts with various aspects of the organization.

Technology is understood as part of the complex process through which organization is accomplished. Nabil, Orla, Faye, & Gillian (4.9% of articles) Roadmap Research on Technology and Organizations: Two Streams MISO1: Information Systems Innovation and Organizational Change
Critique A: There is nothing new about Sociomateriality Potential Solution:
Usefulness through Synthesis Critique B: Danger of Reification, Empirical Difficulties Potential Solution:
Multidimensional Framework Critique C:
Missing Links Potential Solution:
Inclusion of Other Elements “others will need to judge it on the basis of their own criteria and experiences"

-Wanda Orlikowski 2 3 4 5 Research
Stream I: Research
Stream II: 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Source: Facebook Source: Cambridge Judge Business School Source: Orlikowski & Scott (2008) Source: Orlikowski & Scott (2008) Source: Orlikowski & Scott (2008) What remains unquestioned is the assumption that technology and humans (or organizations) are separate in the first place. Source: Faulkner & Runde (2012), Orlikowski (2007), Orlikowski & Scott (2008), Shotter (2011) 1. Historic Background
2. Research Streams
3. Sociomateriality: Main Tenets
4. Critique
5. Potential Solutions Discussion Questions 1) Is there room for refinement of sociomateriality or is the whole perspective a misguided misadventure?

2) While sociomateriality may be useful theoretically, does it produce useful empirical research?

3) Does additionally incorporating elements into a sociomateriality lens confound further research possibilities? 15 References
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