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Cracking the Code

Innovation and QR codes in the Primary School

Simon Cobb

on 6 July 2011

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Transcript of Cracking the Code

the Code Innovation & QR codes in the Primary school What's a QR code? Easy Web Access Foundation Stage interview demo Text Book Reviews Mobile use Woices http://www.quickmark.com.tw Rodmell Village Tour Barcombe Poetry Trail Mobile Phones Computers "One of the main problems I have with using the computers is that children find it hard to open websites. They can't type the long address correctly and so cannot work independently, despite being able to use the actual websites on their own"

Foundation Stage teacher How to create them http://www.qrcodemaker.co.uk/ http://www.qrstuff.com/index.html Public audience -
reason for producing
quality work. http://woices.com/walk/1218 Other Uses Evidence in books? Window into the class Extra challenges for early finishers Why I use QR codes? Enables children to be independent.
Access for all. Enables the wider community to share in children's achievements. Reason for producing quality work. Chance to shine. Simon Cobb
Barcombe CE Primary School

Twitter: @ictast
Class blog:http://mrcobbsclass.wordpress.com
Blog: http://simoncobb.posterous.com "It's really good to quickly scan a book and find out what its all about. Its like a blurb, but electronic and written by my classmates." "You're doing it for a reason. You have to make a big effort because its on show and anybody can look at it!" often a sublevel difference QRafter Google Goggles Quickmark with a webcam Twitter @tombarrett
+ lots more Writing targets for Year 1 http://goo.gl/VxN4X Endless opportunities http://goo.gl/XsoVP "being innovative and taking risks meant learning quite often being displayed in other places." @DeputyMitchell http://woices.com/walk/1435 http://goo.gl/Bl6Q3 http://goo.gl/Bl6Q3 How can you see QR codes being used in your work?
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