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The Data Animators

Bringing data to life with Visual Analytics

Guy Cuthbert

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of The Data Animators

to gain insights into When we combine this array of pattern-matching ability we can move out of the confusing detail the bigger picture How many peaks have only been climbed since 1990?
Which was climbed first?
Which is the third tallest? Difficult? Let's try it visually How many peaks have only been climbed since 1990? Which was climbed first? Which is the third tallest? The discipline of Visual Analytics
harnesses the capacity of your vision system and the power of modern computers
to create data graphics which enable you to
uncover patterns in complex data sets Climbed only since 1990 Climbed first Third tallest Better? But visualisation alone isn't enough A picture tells a thousand words...
... but modern data sets may contain millions of facts even
Billions Visualisation ©Visokio Ltd The Data Animators Bringing data to life through Visual Analytics Atheon Analytics We can distinguish and assimilate subtle differences in complex images The human vision system is an extremely advanced sensory mechanism Your eyes detect differences in many different visual attributes, including... * use the left and right arrows to scan back up and down the list... it may take a while Press the right arrow again to move on when you have had enough! We need to interact with our data;
shape and mould it in our hands;
bend, twist and stretch in front of us;
until we bring it to life “Modern data graphics can do much more than simply substitute for small statistical tables. At their best, graphics are instruments for reasoning about quantitative information.

Often the most effective way to describe, explore, and summarize a set of numbers – even a very large set – is to look at pictures of those numbers.

Furthermore, of all the methods for analyzing and communicating statistical information, well-designed data graphics are usually the simplest and at the same time the most powerful.”

Edward Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information Consider the data table below which provides simple information about a number of mountain peaks Welcome to the world of the Data Animators Courtesy of Visokio Omniscope To find out more contact
The Data Animators at
Atheon Analytics http://www.atheonanalytics.com
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