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The 1970's

Welcome to the 1970's!

The... 1970's

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The 1970's

Interesting fun factsh By: Wanda, Julia, Dylan and Josh Welcome To the 1970's Movies Historical Events Television Shows Fab Fashion Muscle Cars
Of The 70'S Some of the top Movies of the 1970s were:
(Most were made because of the 70s space and alien craze) Alien, Close Encounters of the third Kind,Star Wars episode iv A New Hope, Jaws, 007 Spy Who Loved me, Grease, The God Father 1 and 2, Mash, Rocky and The Exorcist . There was a lot of fab
fashion in the 70's such
as glam rock style, three piece suit, bell bottoms, eyeglasses, Platform shoes, hot pants, disco style and even more The 1970s was the time of the last classic Muscle cars and some of the coolest ones came out then such as: The Shelby Cobra, Plymouth Barracuda, Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Fire bird Trans AM, Cevy Corvette Stingray, Chevy camaro z28, Dodge Charger RT, and the Dodge Challenger . 1970's!!! You may have heard of Gangnam Style, but have you heard of Afro Style??? Famous People! During the 1970's, there were a lot of famous people. Some of those people include Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Jane Fonda. This is a part from the movie Star Wars A New Hope. Star Wars was one of the really good movies back in the 70's. There were many interesting television shows in the 70's such as The Muppet Show, Mash (War), Happy Days, Taxi, The Brady Bunch, Threes Company Sesame Street Different Strokes, Grease and Dukes of Hazzard -Meryl Streep Arnold Schwarzenegger- Even more fashion from the 1970's They guys Clothes Male Clothing This a newer trailer (after movie) from the movie Hercules In New York. This is a movie of course of Hercules a god who is sent down to Earth and learns and teaches a lot of new things. Disco shirt Disco Shoes These are some of the disco clothing that men wore in the 70'S! Disco Outfit Disco Pants Fads and Toys Disco Style
for Men Clothes for Women There were many fads in the 70's (mostly toys) such as Mickey Mouse, marbles, Mr. Potato Head, Barrel Of Monkeys, Army Men, Space Hopper, Match Box and Hot Wheels, Lego, Play-Doh and many more. one piece swim suit Leisure suits Historic Events 1970-1975 1970: Beatles Break Up
computer floppy discs introduced
1971: VCR introduced
U.K. changes currency to decimal system
1972: Terrorists attack olympics
pocket calculators intro
1973: sears tower built
U.S. vice president resigns
1974: Terracotta army discovered in China
president Nixon resigns
1975: Microsoft founded,
civil war in Lebanon
Arthur Ashe First African American Man to Win Wimbledon
Twin Towers built Glam rock style Historic Events
1976-1979 1976: Tangshan earthquake
North and South Vietnam create Vietnam
1977: Elvis found dead
star wars released
1978: first test tube baby
1979: Sony introduces the Walkman
mother Teresa awarded the Nobel peace prize
Ayatollah Khomeini returns as leader of Iran
Margaret Thatcher first women prime minister of Great Britain Platform shoes This is a clip scene from the movie Monster-in-Law featuring Jane Fonda. This movie is not from the 1970's, but Jane still shows her passion in this fun and thrilling movie. Jane's son had fallen in love with a girl that he want's to live his life with. When Jane finds that out, she's scared that she will lose her son as easily as she lost her job. Even More Famous People Sylvester Stallone- Malcolm McDowell- -Kate Jackson -Farrah Fawcett Famous Bands and Singers Famous bands from the 1970's were Pink Floyd, The Who, Rush, Deep Purple ZZ Top, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Black Sabbath : Ozzy Osbourne's, Queen and UFO. POWER OF MUSCLE The 1970's was an era that began on January 1, 1970, and ended on 1979 December 31 12:59 pm, It was full of afro's, disco and partying. Here we are today, to tell you about it. Sylvester Stallone Also Known As
Rocky or Rambo Facts, facts, and even more facts! . If you couldn't disco you weren't cool
Hippies were more common
Elvis was found dead on his toilet
From the 50s to 70s Elvis impersonators were very popular
Science was a REALLY big thing back then This is a clip from the movie Rocky #1 Training scene. Michael Jackson Say hello to the king of pop, Michael Jackson! Michael was born on August 29, 1958. He was the eighth of ten children in an African American working-class family who lived in a 3-room house. He was the master of pop and really had a nice family. In 1975, he and the Jackson 5, had inpressed a lot of people with their talents in singing at such a young age. Sadly, Micheal Jackson had died in 2009. He will always be remembered. Thanks for watchin our Gnarly Prezi. Peace out Broskis And remember to Rock on! This is Venus, a song from the 1970's. The 1970's The historical events that happened in
the 1970's, were either life-changing or very little in some people's minds. Some examples of historical events are : John Paul II Becomes Pope This was a very glorious day for all of Poland's people, Polacy. This day, was the day that a Polish Pope was selected. John Paul the Second(Jan Pawel Drugi), was one of the most welcoming pope's there has been. Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island The Three Mile Island accident was a partial nuclear meltdown which occurred in one of the two United States Three Mile Island nuclear reactors in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, on March 28, 1979. It was the worst accident in U.S. commercial nuclear power plant history. The partial meltdown resulted in the release of small amounts of radioactive gases and radioactive iodine into the environment. Epidemiology studies have not linked a single cancer with the accident. The power plant was named after the island on which it was situated, and was owned and operated by General Public Utilities and Metropolitan Edison (Met Ed). The reactor involved in the accident, Unit 2, was a pressurized water reactor manufactured by Babcock & Wilcox. Slang / Cool Language I'm trippin: going nuts
Keep on Truckin: have a good day
Slang: Can you dig it do you understand
Funky: Weird or cool
Far Out: Cool
Groovy:Cool Hip Weird
Catch You On The Flip Side: See you Later
Gnarly: Cool messed up weird gross Yo, yo, yo! What up my hommie G!
I say this gnarly list of us slang words. I thouht you could use them. Well, catch you on the flip side! John Paul the Second was born in Wadowice Poland on 18 May 1920. His birth name is actually Karol Józef Wojtyła. He was the first Polish Cardinal to become a Pope. He beatified 1,340 people and canonized 483 saints, more than the combined tally of his predecessors during the preceding five centuries. John Paul will always be deeply remembered by the Polish and the whole world. He had sadly passed away in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City.
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