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Dexter the tough book report project

By, Alli Schoenfeldt

Alli Schoenfeldt

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Dexter the tough book report project

Dexter the Tough Author:
Margaret Peterson Haddix Dexter the Tough book report project By,
Alli Schoenfeldt Character Traits: Dexter is going to his first day of school at his new school. He is really nervous because he has never been to this school before at this school. Dexter used to live in Cincinnati. He is living with his grandmother in because his Dad got really ill, and his mother is taking care of him at the hospital. Dexter can be annoyed easily. Like when he walked into the bathroom he punched Robin Bryce in the face. (I will talk to you about that soon). What Dexter did to make the title be , Dexter the Tough: When Dexter got to school on his first day he was really annoyed because the kids were making fun of him at school. So he rushed into the bathroom to sit somewhere and be angry, but as he walks in he sees another boy crying and that kid's name is Robin Bryce. Dexter wanted Robin to stop crying but he didn't know had to get the words out. So since he was angry about both those things got him so frustrated he punched Robin!! Did Dexter feel really bad ? Yes Dexter did feel bad for what he did.
So when he went out to recess that day Dexter went up to Robin he said he was very sorry. Robin forgave him! The only reason Robin was crying was because... Robin was crying because he was getting made fun of too. It was his first day of school that day too. Before he came to this school his mom home schooled him for all his life and he was dieing to go to school with other the children, but he made a big mistake begging his mom to go to school with other children. He got made fun of. That's when Dexter felt really bad. What did the teacher say when Dexter hit Robin? The Teacher was not mad at
Dexter when he hit Robin. She was just disappointed in him for what he did. Did Dexter really mean to
hurt Robin?? NO,
Dexter did not mean to hurt Robin. Dexter was just really angry. Robin is a really nice kid anyway, its not like Dexter really meant to do it, he was just frustrated and didn't know how to let his feelings out. Are Robin and
Dexter really good
friends??? Yes,
Dexter and Robin are really good friends now. Robin and Dexter hang out like other good friends would. Dexter 's Parents Life Dexter lived in Cincinnati before he had to move in with his grandmother. His Dad is very very very ill and is in the hospital and Dexter 's mother has to stay with the father at all times just in case if something were to happen. But I guess the father will be let out soon so he and the mother can take Dexter back home. THE END!!!!!!!! Due Date:
November, 16, 2012(Friday) Summary: Dexter has moved in with his grandmother because his mother had to take Dexter 's father to the hospital because he 's been very ill. (Grandmothers place of live unknown). Dexter has gone to a new school and is very angry because people have been making fun of him. So after getting to school he ran into the bathroom and tried to sit in there to calm himself down, when he saw another kid crying in the bathroom too. Since Dexter was so angry and it he was aggravated he had to let his anger out so he hit the kid. Dexter had hoped that boy wouldn't be in his class because right after Dexter had hit him he had felt really bad and humiliated. He hoped that he wasn't one of those kids that liked to tell on people. So when Dexter had walked into the classroom he looked around and saw the boy. SUMMARY PART 2 Dexter quietly sat down at his seat and listen to the teacher when she said that they were supposed to write about something they did in life. So Dexter didn't know what to write about so he wrote about punching the boy. Dexter wrote, "I'm the new kid. I am tuf. This morning I beat up a kid." When the teacher said she wanted to collect them , when it was time to go outside Dexter was like " I didn't know she was going to collect them??" Summary Part 3: When Dexter went outside for recess Dexter was hoping the he could stay away from the boy but e couldn't resist going to say sorry. When Dexter went over to the boy the boy was peeling grass. Then when the boy noticed him he come over to him he kind of jumped of jumped up. The boy was a lot taller then Dexter. Dexter said "I'm sorry I hit you" Then he asked "Whats our name" the boy mumbled "Robin Bryce" Then Dexter said "My name is Dexter." "I'm new here." "So am I" said Robin. "What?" Dexter said Summary Part 4: When the bell rang everybody went inside and Dexter was wondering "OH OH!!" The teacher checked the papers!! When Dexter thought that the teacher called him up to the front and asked him about it. And day after day she helped him it. So a couple days later Dexter was able to ask Robin how he was new at the school. Robin Bryce was home schooled. Summary part 6 When he got to his first day of school people started making fun of him so he ran into the bathroom crying that's when Dexter came in. Dexter didn't know what to do since Robin was cring and Dexter was so angry Dexter had to let his anger out some how! So he hit Robin Bryce in the jaw. Summary part 7: Dexter felt really bad for what he did. But Robin forgave him. Then Dexter and Robin became great friends! PHYSICAL TRAITS: Dexter is really small. He has squinty eyes. He has a brownish color hair. Dexter also has brown eyes. Is Dexter really a bully? No, he is actually
a really nice kid. Summary Part 5: Since Robin was home schooled his mother had taught him how to do things you would usually do at home. But Robin was getting sick of being home schooled because he wanted to be with the other kids. Even though deep in Robin's moms heart she wanted to keep Robin home but Robin was begging so she sent him off too school. That was a big mistake. Finished 11.1.12
Edited 11.14.12
Completely Finished 11.14.12
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