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natural disasters

No description

Hanna Dutt

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of natural disasters

This avalanche can destroys objects, e.g,:
animals habitats
villages/ habitats around the mountain
harm living people
83oN 25oE
Himalayan Avalanche
Introduction to our Natural Disaster
Nine climbers died, others survived because they were far from the mountain.
Before there's a avalanche it's beautiful, the snow is even and pretty. The Avalanche is a destroyer it ruins everything.
Absolute Location
Living things are forced to move to other places and abandon their homes.
Happens in Rural places
This effects the environment because the Avalanche destroys homes near mountains and people lose their habitat.
It destroys vegetation by the avalanche hitting the plants and kills the roots.
Avalanche/Snow slip/Snow slide
Where? Why? How? When?Looks like?
Ruins trees, vegetation, homes and habitats. We could lose a lot of trees, it kills herbs some herbs are used for medicine
Where does it occur
Cover your face while climbing mountain, make enough room to breath and have someone with you.
* on slopes between 30 to 45 degrees
* timberlines, gullies, road cuts
* small openings on trees

When does it happen?
* usually winter time
* all year round in some places
How does it happen?
* fast winds cause snow to rise
* snow being lifted from gullies
* very heavy weight
* different types of avalanches
* heavy weight can cause one
Types of Avalanches
Avalanches have types because they are caused by different things.
* Wind
* Snow lifting
* Wet snow
Thank you for your time,hope you enjoyed and learned a little about what we loved learning about!
Himalayan Avalanche killed 30 people and destroyed their homes
Himalayan Avalanche
Severe Snow slip
Destroyed so many homes as you can see.
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