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Grilled Cheese Please!

Writing for Business Presentation

GianPaolo Guercio

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Grilled Cheese Please!

Grilled Cheese Please! A Small Business Proposal
by GianPaolo Guercio Scenario There are currently no restaurants, lunch
trucks, or delicatessens that specialize in
the preparation and sale of one of America's
most beloved food items, the grilled cheese
sandwich. Proposal Open a fast food restaurant devoted to
producing quality grilled cheese sandwiches
in the Center City area of Philadelphia.
Plan • The restaurant would serve mainly as a lunch
option for the many people who work in Center
City, but would also serve grilled cheese during
normal dinner hours.
• The prices for food in the restaurant would be
slightly lower than other establishments in the
area, in order to provide a cheaper option for
people and potentiall increase our customer base. The Experience Customers will enjoy their custom, gourmet grilled
cheese sandwich with:
• Choice of bread (white, wheat, grain, rye, sourdough, focaccia)
• Choice of cheese (American, Swiss, Provologne, Cheddar, Pepper Jack)
• Choice of extras (tomato, spinach, peppers, olive, ham, turkey)

Customers can also choose a side order:
•Bag of chips, pretzels, or popcorn
• Standard salad
• Small cup of soup Pricing A sandwich alone will cost $4.99, plus sales tax.
However, a combo meal, which includes the side order
and a drink, will cost $6.99, plus tax. Projected Expenses The following is a breakdown of the first month's
anticipated expenditures:

• Rent - $3,000
• Utilities (including Internet) - $3,000
• Supplies - $12,000
• Equipment - $12,000

All costs are estimates based on the average rates
in Center City Philadelphia. Procedure Opening and operating a restaurant is more
complex than it seems. The procedure will
basically go as follows:

• Acquire retail space
• Acquire food and drink licenses
• Purchase and install equipment
• Hire workers
• Establish inventory practices
• Obtain suppliers
• Open for business
Benefits The primary benefit from this business venture
is the financial success that can be obtained
through high sales volume.

Another benefit of this business is the service
provided to the community.
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